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Accurate Slapsho ...
The First Hero
Koala Play

Hover Bot Arena

With your hovercraft robot you must face many other enemies in a battlefield that will shoot you all the time. You must perform certain missions and destroy several objectives before starting the survival mode. Use arrows to move and the mouse to point and shoot. You can fire into a different direction from from the direction you are moving to. Collect energy and other bonuses that appear in different places.
Time Traveller

Lewis and Wilbur need to fix the time machine before Wilbur´s dad finds out the borrowed it. Help them navigate through the cities to find the missing pieces they need to repair the machine. Be cautious of the obstacles they will cause damage to your craft. Make sure you keep your ship full of gas to make it through each level. The bowler hat guy and Doris are lookinf for you so beware. Use the arrow keys to navigate the ship and avoid obstacles.
The squirrel in the Labyrinth

You have to get out of the labirynth. You must find a door, but first a lever to open it. Look for gems on every stage, they´re hidden somewhere all over the labyrinth. They´re very important in getting a good score. You have 10 lives on every stage. Move arouns using arrow keys. Use space to activate turbo speed.
Saving KYPCK

Your mission is to rescue 118 russian marines from the sunken submarine Kursk using the LR 5 mini sub. The mini sub can carry up to 40 men but it has oxygen for only one minute. Kursck lies about 146 m deep lattitude and longitude have been reset to 0 as your target. Use arrow keys to navigate and space bar to go deeper with your mini sub.
Ufo Command

You are a very funny little green alien and your goal es to get all the white sheep into the teleporter an send them home. You can do that by positioning your ufo above a sheep and quickly press the space bar button to open the tractor beam. After that quikcly again, point your ufo above the teleporter and again press space bar button to drop the sheep. Your tractor beam will stay open only a few moments, so harry up. The black sheep are not to be teleported to your lab. On some levels the access to the white sheep will be blocked by different obstacles. Remove these obstacles by dropping a bomb near them.
Sub Wars

Your mission is to destroy as many ships as you can. Use arrows to navigate and spacebar to shoot. The deeeper you submerge, the harder it is to hit you. But don not forget to surface, when the oxygen supply is low.
Bump Copter

Control the helicopter with the arrow keys. Press space to fire at stuff. You can choose the helicopter color and if you want you can edit a level to play using walls and some obstacles. Also you can select the background, mountains or a cave. There are 30 levels and some endurance levels between them.
Bubble Tanks

Use W, A, S, D keys to move (can be changed through settings menu). Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Move outside of a bubble to jump to a new bubblefield. Destroyed bubble tanks drop bubbles wich you can collect to make your tank stronger. Receiving damage from enemy weapons will weaken your tank. If you are hit and you have no bubbles collected, you´ll be ejected to the safest.
Tunnel Rush

Select a ship and enter into the tunnel. You have two minutes to collect as many points as possible. Avoid or shoot the obstacles or they may cause you to lose time. usea arrows to accelerate, turn and brake, space bar to fire and shift to launch bombs.
Mars Encounter

Defend the planet from the Martian invaders fighting them in this new version of Space Invaders game. Choose the difficulty level and begin the game. Move your ship using the mouse and shoot using the button. You can choose the image quality too.

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