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Nano Ninja


Protect your reactor for as long as you can. Your reactor is counting down to freeze time. Drag and drop a icon to create a ship. Locate it where you can make the best defense of your reactor. Game´s Name: Outerspatial
President Vs Invaders

Evil invaders arrived to the Earth. They are destroying everything they see. To save the president, it was decided to put him on a special airplane. It has to stay in the air as long as possible and wait. Maybe, these aliens get bored and fly away. Use mouse to shoot and move the ship. Avoid or destroy enemies. Collect power ups and bonuses.
Notebook Wars 2

In this game you have to beat all rivals in a battle of planes in a world of paper. Select a level and press Start to begin playing. Move with mouse and press left button button to shoot or A to keep shooting. Collect money to buy upgrades and vital energy. Press the space bar to detonate the bombs.
Mars Needs Mothers

Travel to planet Earth with your ship and bring back to mars as many life forms as possible. Use arrows to move ship and space to abduct stuff.
Area 101

Destroy all enemies. Use arrows to move your ship, A to shoot, S to focus, and D to throw bombs.
Vectrix 4

Run the gauntlet of the vector matrix. Avoid obstacles, shoot down enemy threats, and collect bonuses. Steer and aim with the mouse, shoot with the mouse button, pause with space or enter.
Helly Yeah

Try to reach the exit with your helicopter using the mouse to move, accelerate and brake. Press left mouse button to drop bombs and Tab to see the map. Avoid the walls and obstacles and try to finish in the less time as possible.
Bat Country

Destroy all the bats that are invading your country. Use mouse to move your helicopter and shoot. You can release a bomb by pressing the spacebar. Press the spacebar again to detonate it. Bombs move with the speed of your copter. You can fling bombs by moving your copter and pressing spacebar. Remember to protect the bats in real life.
Rapid Wars

Control your ship using arrow keys or WASD. Use mouse to aim. Try to get the best score. Collect all the stars to unlock the boss star.
Starship: Gyro

Shoot aliens. Get power ups. Extra ship at 50000 and 100000. Use the mouse to move the ship around the screen and to shoot the enemies

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