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Flood Runner 4
Ricochet Kills P ...
Down Hill Duel

Go Go Shoot

Help little boy destroy all the aliens. Use mouse to move your space ship and shoot at everything. Avoid enemy ships, shots, asteroids and every obstacle in your way. Press space bar to enter shop. Game Name: Go Go Shoot
Liftoff 2012

Move mouse left and right to guide shuttle. Press space to initiate shuttle launch. Collect 1000 kgs of asteroid ore for research. The ore is green colored rock falling among the regular meteors. Collecting ore also provides a small amount of rocket fuel thanks to a quickly developed fuel extractor equipped to your shuttle. Game Name: Liftoff 2012
Cow Bandits

The year is 2099. Due to climate chaos, humanity has retreated below the surface of Hearth, farming in vast subterranian caverns. Use your mouse to fly your ship through the caves, avoiding the sides. Collect cows with your lazoo, the use spacebar to drop them in the mincer. Shoot switches to open doors and watch out for the drones. Game Name: Cow Bandits

Destroy all enemy ships. Use W to move up, A to move left, S to move down, D to move right, R to select weapon. Use mouse to aim and left mouse button to fire weapon. Game Name: Ecaps

An unknown force has appeared in our cosmos and is taking it over, planet by planet. They have established their base of operation on the world of Coeus. This is a distress signal calling for any and all available units to mobilize and depart for Coeus in hopes of regaining control of Helious Minor. Engage and destroy all enemy forces in route. Doing so will earn you experience and money. Spend your money at docking bays to upgrade your ship. Use arrows to move and Z to fire. Game Name: S.H.M.U.P. Save Helious Minor From Unwanted Presence
Skies of War

Aircraft will follow the mouse. Left click to fire selected weapon. Press spacebar to open the minimap. Approach airfield at correct angle to land. Land to refuel and repair, buy weapons or select another aircraft. Game Name: Skies of War

Try to destroy all the enemy ships. Avoid them to shoot you or crashing with your ship. Use the mouse to move. The ship autofires. Game Name: D.N.8
Tunder Rocket

Run through interplanetary space with your fighter. Eliminate all enemies by shooting them with the space bar. Use the arrows to move the ship in space. Collect the items to improve your ability to shoot for better performance. Game Name: Tunder Rocket

Move your cursor to where you want to build an ally. Click and hold the mouse to open the build menu. Add energy boosters, sensor eyes, wings and more to build powerful defences against your enemies. Game´s Name: Cix
Volcano Flight Control

The Volcano is about to explode. Navigate your plane through the perilous volcanic air space and get the passengers to their destination-safely. Be the ultimate volcano navigator. Use your mouse to navigate the aircraft. Avoid the ash clouds spewing from the volcano and get the passengers to safety. Do not damage the aircraft. Game´s Name: Volcano Flight Control

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