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Cargo Bridge II
Kaboomz 4
Red Storm


Build turrets. Move above the ground and press space or E. Repair damaged turrets. Move above the construction and press space or E. Pick up first aid kits and weapon upgrades. Use WASD o arrow keys to control the helicopter. Use mouse to fire. Game Name: H.E.L.I.C.
Sky Fyre II

Use your dragon to fight in the air against a lot of enemies. Navigate using your mouse. Shoot by pressing mouse let button to eliminate enemies. Control your health and magic bars and center shield. Game Name: Sky Fyre II
Uncharted Skies

There are 8 different planes in the game. They all have there own statics: life, armor, speed, passive and 4 different skills. To make the plane move drag drop the circle and move it around. When you are done press the ready button to start the action. You can center your plane in screen using space bar. To use a weapon select it and press ready. Game Name: Uncharted Skies
Robot Riot

There are a couple of citizens that are late on their payments, which means you need to tow their ships. Destroy the power cores in each section of the ship. Use arrow keys o A and D to move. Press up, X or W to jump. Collect power crystals to earn bonus points. Use gravity lifts. Attack with the Z or space key. Game Name: Robot Riot
Mine 60

Your ship has suffered a fatal fault and is going to explode in 60 seconds. There is nothing you can do but fly as far away as possible and try to save as many lives as you can. Avoid crash with walls that will stop your run. Use arrow keys or WASD to fly. Game Name: Mine 60
Turning the Tide

Try to turn the tide of the war evolution. Complete the missions with your airplane. To climb higher hold down the up arrow key and to descend hold down the down arrow key. Press the A key to open fire and the S key to drop some bombs. Your ammo will reload when it runs out but your bombs will not replenish themselves. Game Name: Turning the Tide
Little Rocket

Use mouse to control the rocket. Press left mouse button to launch it. Hold the mouse button down to accelerate. Adjust your speed and angle to land on other planets. Adjust your speed and angle to land on other planets. Collect 16 stars to win. Land on a planet with a blue flag for a check point. Donīt run out of rocket fuel. Acquire more fuel by collecting stars and landing on check points. Explore, look for stars. Click on stuff and feel good about yourself and the world. Game Name: Little Rocket
Sound Fly

Use mouse to control the plane. Avoid crows. Collect as many balloons as you can while you listen beautiful classic music. Reach the end of the journey to finish your mission. Game Name: Sound Fly
Scooby Doo! Dangerous Planet

Scooby Doo got lost in a new planet. You must help him find his way out and return the earth. Hit meteors to destroy them before they hit the ground. Touching Kryptonite meteors drains supermanīs energy. Use your heat vision to destroy them. Use arrows to control flight direction, space bar to use heat vision and shift to speed up. Game Name: Scooby Doo! Dangerous Planet
F22. Fire in the Sky

Use your mouse to navigate the F-22 Fireball and avoid enemy missiles. Hit space bar to fire missiles. Collect the air drops to increase health and obtain more powerful missiles. Tap on 1, 2 on 3 to intercharge between missiles. Use Z for ground attack. Use P to pause the game. Game Name: F22. Fire in the Sky

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