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Electric Man
Magic Safari
Up Beat

I Am Flying to The Moon

Fly as higher as possible with your rocket. Use left and right arrows or AD to turn left and right, up arrow or W to use boosters and down arrow or S to stop engine. Collect fuel, nitro, repair kits and money and avoid enemies. Game Name: I Am Flying to The Moon
Notebook Wars 3

Use mouse or WASD to move the airplane. Use K to shoot, E to drop bombs and F to autofire. Kill all enemies and collect stars. Game Name: Notebook Wars 3
Boss Slayer

10 giant spaceships are coming to attack Earth. You have to destroy them all in less than 10 days. When you die, you´ll be resurrected and you´ll keep all the money you got. Use arrows or mouse to move. Game Name: Boss Slayer
The Competitor

A game where many try to survive against one. A rogue ship to infiltrate your base. Defend your territory by drawing up some troops. Take away all the lives o the enemy ship to win. Game Name: The Competitor
Drakojan Skies Misión 3

Complete this mission with your super jet fighter. Avoid enemy attacks. Use the arrows keys to move, C to fire main weapon X to drop bombs. Game Name: Drakojan Skies Misión 3
Awesome Planes

Guide the plane along the route fighting enemy aircraft. Planes follow the cursor pointer. Use the mouse to move and to shoot the enemy planes. Collect the money to buy upgrades. Game Name: Awesome Planes
Tiny Airships

Your home city, Metrocadia has fallen to the Tyrian Imperial navy. You must escape the city. Destroy any one that gets in your way. Move your ships with WASD or arrows. Ire your weapon by holding down Z or L. Game Name: Tiny Airships
Princess Peach Hot Air in Balloon

Reach the other end in each level before the balloon runs out of hot air. Avoid hitting any obstacles. Collect the stars in your way. Use the arrow keys to move the balloon in the air. Game Name: Princess Peach Hot Air in Balloon
Mars Escape

Your objective is to get the mother ship and escape from mars. Use Z to shoot, space to boost, arrow keys to move. In order to escape you need to spend your credits on upgrades and new ships. Game Name: Mars Escape
UFO Mission

Use A and D to move left and right your ship. Pick up the stars and abduct the sheeps. Avoid the ship crashing with any object. Complete the level tasks to open the door to the next level. Game Name: UFO Mission

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