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BMX Challenge
Angry Ninja
Swordless Ninja
Oh Snow!

Super Warship

You are the captain of your ship in the Super Warship game. If you want to complete each level and win the battle you will need to show off your fighting skills. If you destroy enough enemies you will be able to purchase upgrades for your ship between levels. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press the number keys to change weapons.
Plane Shooter

This is a special game where a top sniper can shoot and fight by himself with a whole army of planes and enemies! Use your shooting experience and career you have create by yourself in our previous games and start exploring the world of a cruel war. Get ready to fight for your survival and help the people by your own kind to stay away from the bad planes.
Drive in Space

Drive your spaceship to reach the target distance. Avoid colliding with other obstacles. keep an eye on your spaceship\'s health. Use arrow keys to drive.
Colonial Wars SE

Time to boost your brain! Measure your strength against the powerful AI in the sea battle! Your point is to capture and hold the enemy islands with the help of your powerful fleet.
Air Wars

Fly an awesome aicraft and try to search and destroy all your enemies. But be aware that they will shoot back, so try to avoid their bullets and bombs and keep a high level on your health bar. Your fuel is also limited, so make sure you do not run out of it. Along the way you can pick up health and fuel power ups along with coins and upgrade tokens. Between levels you can use the tokens to buy some cool upgrades that will make your aiplane better. Have a lot of fun playing Extreme Air Wars

Choose your alien race and then begin building up your deck of cards to defeat enemies. Place your cards carefully to defend and attack. Use the mouse to place cards and choose moves.
Nocran Space

Good old Galactix game is returning on the screens with a new face! Youre a spaceship commander and your aim is to destroy all the aliens before they manage to capture the Earth. A good thing for space lovers. Good luck!
Into Space 2

Pick up bonuses to earn money, restore fuel or repair. Lightning strikes will turn off the engine and do damage. Hitting any object will damage the hull. Fly through the gates to speed up. Use up arrow or W to activate boosters, S or down arrow to turn off engine, and left and right arrows or A and S to maneuver the rocket. Game Name: Into Space 2
Take Flight

Try to fly as far as possible. Use the mouse to maneuver the plane. Collect fuel to continue flying. Collect the coins you see during your flight. Game Name: Take Flight
Hanna Choppa 2

Fly the helicopter to the fly. Use arrows to move. Walls are not fatal unless you are going really fast. Land at the fly. Unlock gates with the buttons. Press space for item manipulator. Pull big stuff with it. Rotate with Z and X. Game Name: Hanna Choppa 2

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