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Ricochet Kills 3
Formula Racer
The Gentleman. A ...
River Rapids

Slippy Fish

Slippy Fish is a distance game. Help the a lonely fish escape from becoming the next meal and off the sushi line! Avoid the other sushi and the chefs from taking you out and the odd Pelican now and again swooping in for a free meal and see if your worthy of making it back into the ocean to swim with your family and friends once again. Now go swim fishy swim! Use the mouse button to jump your fish in the air and avoid the obstacles in your way. The longer you hold the button, the higher he will jump. Now try to make it out alive!
Witch Hunt

The rune sorceress Lucrea Quarta stole a legendary crystal that houses an ancient diabolic creature. A chaotic uprising triggered within the lands of Aedoris. Where is she taking the crystal? And how is she going to protect it from the monsters that also want the crystal destroyed!?
Break the Limits!

You are trapped in a room and the only thing you can do is think. But what will you think about? Break the Limits! is a short clicker game made in 48 hours for LD31.
The Enchanted Cave 2

Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategically choosing your battles to gather as much treasure as possible! Find rare artifacts,gold, and stat gems, and traverse the skill tree to become your choice of a mage, warrior, alchemist, or a mix of skills. Craft potions, enchant your equipment, and discover secret areas! But be careful because the cave has become quite dangerous lately with more explorers going missing every day. Can be played using only a mouse.
Swag Man

You are the most Swaggy man in the world and you are the only one to save the electronic music. Travel over the world and rescue all clubbing lovers. You have few minutes to reach the best score. Use wasd as arrow keys .
Fly Buns

Flappy Action! Swat the crazy flies so they knock the Hamburger Buns and become a sandwich! Try to get 1000 points to win the surprise egg achievement with 5 possible virtual prizes. Challenge your last score and swat like crazy! If you\'re in the mood to rid this backyard of crazy flies..lets get to it! Use swatter buttons to control swatter!
Snail Bob 8 - Island Story

Bob is back - this time on island!
Bubble Fruits

Bubble Fruits is a bubble shooter game. Far away from the city, in the calm environment of the Tutti fruitti woods, a little boy had the dream of playing the Bubble Fruits game made by LetsPlayGirls.com He invented a very smart system that uses a launcher in order to pick fruits from the trees in the most efficient way possible. He knows that if he launches a type of bubble fruit into a cluster of other two fruits of the same kind, he can collect three in a row. He doesn’t have a time limit to collect the bubble fruits, but his motivation to complete the task is given by the fact that he needs to reach the next level. So, he has the launcher, but unfortunately he doesn’t really have direction. Here’s where you play an important role: being careful at what type of bubble fruit the boy has in his launcher, direct it towards an advantageous cluster and win the level. Your goal is to destroy all the balls on the screen by shooting the ball near 2 or more balls of the same color. If there are no balls of the same color left in the game, their type won\'t appear back. There are 10 types of different balls and unlimited levels.
Mustache Time

It\'s time to save the mustache smileys!
Easy Joe 3

Help Easy Joe on his journey!

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