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Zombie Cats

Mansion: Impossible

The aim of the game is to make enough money buying and selling houses on the property market to buy the 10 million mansion. Buy houses by clicking them when they come up for sale. Remember, you can only buy what you can afford. Prices go up and down. Sell at the right time to make themost profit. click on a house to sell it. Some properties are cheaper than others. Start small and move in the more expensive areas.
Space Farmer

Farmer Joe doesnīt know what to do. He's stuck out on the backwater moon of Io and he needs to get his livestock down to Jupiter to sell in the market. His ship is so small though that he cantīt fit all of his stock in it. Heīll need to make a couple trips to get them all to the planet. But the greater one eats the medium and the medium eats the small. You must imagine how to transport them avoiding to leave alone the one that eat the other.
Colored Cubes

Explode cubes by clicking on groups of same colored cubes. Cubes fall down to fill gaps below them. Removing all cubes makes you a winner. You can choose the skill level, hard or easy.

You must build a bridge of fruit to get the Ampersand on the next planet. Choose one of the personages and help him to reach the other planet. Whoever adds the last piece and completes the bridge will get the ampersand.
Equal figures

Press the equal figures to make them disappear.
Zig Zag

Select the equal pieces that are together in the board.
Shanghai Dinasty

Choose two similar figures to make them disappear in this traditional chinese game.
Turn off the lights

You must turn each light on the board out. Prove your intelligence to solve problems.

Help monkey to go to the other pool side puting the portions of way in order.

Help Martian to collect the farm animals to take them to his planet. OK, itīs not Taken TV Show, but we do what we can.

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