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Let it flow

Connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto the desert floor. When you are happy with the pipes, you must pump up enough pressure to send the water flowing by clicking on the dial in rhythm. Watch your time limit. If all the crops die you will fail the level and the village will go hungry.
Arrange the Stars

Your objective is to move the stars until its corresponding places in each screen. When doing it you must calculate your movements because you only can push them and if they get blocked in a wall you cannot move then again. There is a time limit that you cannot surpass. You can choose the main personage between a boy and a girl.
The warehouse

Parker and Badger finished an arduous day of work and discovered that their scooter that they use to return home every day is trapped behind the boxes of the warehouse. Help them to move the boxes and take out the little motorbike in the smaller time as possible.
James Bomb

Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters of the labyrinth. Recover a maximum of bonus to pass the levels. Donīt shoot on the hole from exit before to have eliminated all the monsters. Move with arrows. Release the bomb with the space bar. Use the holes to exit to another gardens o to teletransport. The exit activates when all enemies are dead.

Pull the lines or columns in order to form groups of at least three makos of the same color. Fill the starsbar to advance to the next level. Use S to toggle sound on/off, p to pause and mouse to click and drag makos.
Aengie Quest

The objetive is to help Aengie to the exit of each level. You can use boxes to open doors. Just walk into a box to push it forward. Collect keys to open a door. Every used key will disappear.
Adventure in Quebec

Your role in this game is to manipulate level elementos to allow the boy to cross it without getting hurt. To do so, you will have to complete a set of tasks in the correct order and at right times. when you roll the cursor over a clickable area, it will morph to indicate that an action is possible at this location. Clicking will be enough to trigger the action. Some items will reveal their true powers only if they are placed in appropiate locations.
Crystal Clear

Form groups of at least five crystals. You cannot move a crystal if there is no free way to the destination tile. Broken crystal will explode and clear the area around them. You cannot move locked crystals. Move a heart next to a group of crystals to color them.
Sushi Express

You are working in a bar of sushi and must respond to the orders quickly. Your objective is to join at least 3 equal pieces in the table so that they can be retired. You must to place each new piece that in a place with other similar. If you donīt do it the pieces will accumulate. When the table is full you lose your job.

In the screen there are some balls falling down with numbers inside. You must touch 3 of them to get 10 points or less. When you add the 3 numbers you canīt get more than 10. If the addition gives you more than 10 you will lose energy. The balls canīt come to the screen bottom too because it takes your energy.

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