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Pheus & Mor
Heatwave Racing

Pizza Express

It ain´t easy in the fast food business. You have been left alone to cope with the droves of hungry customers in your local pizza parlour. Use arrow keys to move your character around the restaurant.
The double siege

Your goal is to destroy the enemy´s castle with a cannon. Before you fire the cannon you should set up its tangent angle and fire strenght. Use arrows to control it. To destroy the castle you need to hit it 13 times. Hit three towers in the background twice. Hit the castle´s gate twice. You need to remember that you´ve got only 7 seconds to aim and fire. After this time, the cannon will fire by itself. Your enemy may be the computer or another person. The second player uses W, S, A and D.
The treb challenge

There are three components of the treb challenge: distance, accuracy and power. For each one, you can create your own treb. Choose the projectile´s mass, from 10 to 50 pounds, choose the counterweight´s mass, from 1o to 100 pounds, choose the counterweight´s height from the ground, from 10 to 100 feet. You can also adjust the angle of release, the gravity and the wind.
Grow Island

Click panels in your selected order. Items you click will grow and grow each turn. You will complete the game when all panels level is max. They effect each other as they grow. So you have to think about the clicking order.
Genghis Khan

It is the beginning of the 13th century. You are Genghis Khan and you long for gratness and to create the biggest empire the world has ever seen. Your objective in this game is to conquer nations near and far and expand your realm throughout the know world. Select a country to invade. You can only invade countries adjacent to territories you have already conquered. Click on countries to see their strenghts and terrain types. To start the game select a mission by clicking on the mission button. Click on a country you want to invade and then press the Fight button. Once the battle begins you will see the field where the conflict will occur. See the enemy forces and plce your units in the staging area. You can select the fight mode.
Fish Tycoon

Fish tycoon is a game that runs in real time, even when when you are not playing or when your computer is off like a real aquarium. This means that babies will grow into bigger fish as time goes by. You can move between tanks. Simply click on the button for the thank you want to switch to. Drag a fish into the isolation tank to check out the name, age and health of the fish. To make a fish pregnant make sure you have a fish in the isolation tank and then drag another fish to it. In the fish supplies store you can buy all kind of supplies for your fish and for your tank. You need to sell your fish in order to finance your mission. Drag the fish you want to sell to the sale tank and click the sell fish button.
Xeno Tactic

Click on a tower to select it and information about that tower will appear beneath it. Once you have selected a tower, move the cursor back onto the map. The green box shows where the tower will be placed, if it goes red you cannot place a tower there. Place a few more towers onto the map so that the aliens will have to move around them. You are now ready to defend agaisnt the first level of aliens, so press the start button. Towers can be upgraded to increase their power.
Pucca Board

The object of this game is to try that Garu fills the largest possible number of spaces on the board before Tobe. You have two choices, move Garu to a square next to her or jump to another square. In the first case Garu will duplicate himself, in the second case all Tobe near will be transformed into Garu. The game ends when all the squares are filled.
Pazzo Francesco: Escape from Rakoth Dungeons

Pazzo Francesco is an archaeologist who loves dangerous adventures, and this time he has decided to visit the dungeons of Rakoth where he got trapped. Help him to find the exit. For that you must go through each level and close all platforms to ensure that the front door is opened. Jump from one platform to another using the arrows. To make long jumps press Shift and the arrow. Name: Pazzo Francesco in: Escape from Rakoth Dungeons
Desktop Defense

You suffer an attack on your desktop and you must defend building a structure buying guns with the money that you have. Attackers will go from one side of the screento another another. You must position the guns to shoot them and make them dissappear. With the money you earn you can buy guns more powerful and faster. Also when you acumulatte money you can sell the weapons less effective and buy better. Each attack you receive will be more powerful than the previous one so you must increase your defense.

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