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Crush the castle

The resistance is still resisting your terror. Lay siege to castles in the realm and do away with their owners. In return, the king will give you a medal for each castle you crush. Click anywhere to start the trebuchet launch. Click again to release the projectile.
Vehicle tower defense

Vehicles are possesed and are trying to invade your city. Using the help of powerful battle towers and gummy strips, you must use your weapons to stop vehicles from reaching the end of your road.
Airport Madness 2

Manage traffic in an airport trying to get the planes out on time and avoid accidents. You can reduce the speed of coming planes. You can also make planes takeoff. Prevent collisions between taking off and landing planes.
Black Navy War

You can operate the artillery battery. Use up and down arrows to adjust battery target, space bar to start firing and shift to stop it. You can create units to attack the enemy and update your installations.
Cake pirate

With the money you can buy defence towers to stop the pirate´s attack. Control your health level. Stop enemy attack before they enter your base. Press mouse over the tower menu to buy them and put it into the scene.
City invasion

Destroy the enemy headquarters before they destroy yours. Press left and right to scroll through options. Click an icon or press space to create a unit or use a special power. Control your headquarter´s life bar. There are five lanes in the battlefield. The arrows show in wich lane you are. Press up and down to change lanes. Press shift to show life bar of all units.
World Wars 2

The target of World Wars 2 is gaining control over all territories on the map. In the beginning you get to choose how your team will look and how many players take part in the game. When the game begins choose a territory of yours with two or more units on it to attack a neighboring enemy territory. Use the cards to improve your army.

Command the turrets to shoot the enemy. Use the keys to aim, and space bar to shoot. Buy soldiers with the earned money.
Territory War

Territory war faces two teams of players against each other in a turn based fashion. When is your turn, you have two options: move and stay. If you choose to move remember you can only move a limited amount. Then you can attack using grenades, guns, boots.
School Wars

Choose your team and fight against others. Your team will be positioned in one corner of the board. You must not lose that position or you will lose the game. As you kill members of opposing teams can get more fighters to yours.

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