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Mini Tower Defense

Build tower to defend you base against the enemy tanks. Upgrade the towers if you can afford, but use your money wisely, for every successful mission, you will earn skill points. Use them to buy the upgrades you need. You can drop bombs on enemies if you wish, but be careful, if one enemy escapes you lose that mission. Try to complete all the levels.
War card

Select a card. Build your castle. Destroy the enemy´s castle. You can make normal attack, fireball attack, build walls, castles and other actions.

Select your level and play. In novice level you have 3 colors to start and 4 blocks to match, in normal level 4 colors to start and 4 blocks to match, in master level 5 colors to start and 5 blocks to match.
Darkness the cage

The level is hidden. Throw paint ball to uncover the steps at the right to reach the goal and advance the level. Arrow keys or WASD to move around. Mouse shots paint balls.
Operation Sand Rider

The goal is to stop the enemies from reaching their destination. There will be waves of enemies that will spawn from the green cell. They will move on a path going to a destination, the red cell. You can kill enemies using various nits. On the right menu of the user interface, there are icons of units. They have different costs.
Blood feud

Select your troops between infantry, archers and cavalry. Produce units that will attack the enemy tower and defend yours. Destroy the enemy tower to win the game. Click to build the units. Use arrow keys to pan the camera left and right.
The last village

In this game you will defend your village from enemy invasion. You can train 5 different armies to help you protect the village. Each army is led by a commaner who has a special ability. At the top left corner you can see how many days you have kept the village unharmed. Every time you end your round, the number will increase by one. At the top center you can see your resources statistics, which consists of gold, food, etc, and the population. You can switch to other statics as weapons and army. In the minimap you can see the position of each troop. At the right you can see a list of buildings that can help you set up your defense. You can not buid in just any place.
Galactic colonization

You control the green planets. The number on the planet represent the planet population. Planet population increases over time. The maximum population depends on the size of the planet. Gray planet are uninhabitated. The number on such planets represent the number of ships needed to terraform the planet. Click on a planet of your own to select it and click on a planet to send ships to it. You gain a minimal amount of resources per day for every planet you own. Also, you must defend the planets.
Tank Match

Use Q or W to change weapon. Pgup and Pgdown to change fire power, left and right to move, up and down arrow for cannon rotation and space to fire
Energy Crisis

Planet E is a huge energy star recently occupied by human alliance. The planet´s native occupants are giant bugs living off its energy resources. The hungry bugs have being attacking the energy centers built by human alliance. You have been put in charge of defending the energy centers from the harassment of the annoying bugs. Protect all the energy blocks within energy centers from being looted by the giant bugs. Buy and upgrade defense towers, lay down mines and bombs. Kill the bugs before they exit.

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