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Capture the Cube

In a secret lab, hidden seep within a dam, mankind has discovered an alien artefact in the shape of a cube called the all spark, inside the cube lies an uncontrollable source of power that could tear the planet apart. Infiltrate the tam and retrieve the cube before the humans unknowingly unleash the power of the allspark.
The Battle

Your fortress comes equiped with a weapon that can fire various projectiles towards the enemy. This weapon by default fires each time you click a spot in the playing area. You can select which weapon to fire by simply scrolling through the trop selector menu. Using your fortress defence system costs money, so each time you fire it will cost big bucks depending on which projectile you have selected
Short Path Puzzle

The objective of this game is to find the shortest step between you and your target. To do that, you must click the tile on the game board and connect you and your target, After that click your target and start your move. In the game you will meet some obstacles or step bonuses that increase your step.
Cover Orange 2

You will have to protect the oranges from the freezing rain. For that you must put the boxes and barrels in the floor that make a roof for oranges. Once you have placed all the objects available in the field the cloud will throw the drops. The oranges will thank you if you protect them.
Dutamasa Battle

Your mission is to conquer the whole army of darkness. You can choose any characters, every one has different spells. There are 22 characters and 30 spells. Every spell has a minimum value of power needed. Control your characters life and energy.
Endless War: Defense

Select a country: USSR, USA or Germany. Your misión is to defend a position and repel 5 waves of enemies. Then choose a cannon, trench or pillbox from the menu. Press this button to build a defensive structure. Once you have chosen a cannon click on ground to place it. Place also infantry squads. Click Ready to start battle.
Massive War

Your mission in this war is to destroy all of your opponents bases. They are located at the edges of the battlefield area. If all of your bases are destroyed, you will lose. There are four forces types in addition to tower defense and special attacks, each army has five upgradeable attributes: life, damage, speed, reload and armor.
Rescue a Chicken

The chickens are too small and are scared of height. Help them to get into the nest so they wont be afraid. Also keep in mind that for letting other birds sneak into the nest you lose points.

Click on groups of two or more cubes of the same color to remove them. The larger group the bigger amount of points you will get. The game ends when there is no more group of two cubes of the same color. Click on the green group in the top right corner.
Strategy Defense 3: The Final War

The main objective of this game is to destroy the enemy castle and protect your castle. The castles cannot be increased or repaired. To attack an enemy castle you must train soldiers and put them in the battle field.

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