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Snail Bob Space
Speedplay World ...

Meeblings 2

Click and hold a meebling to activate it. Yellow calls another meebling, blue pushes away nearby meeblings, red burns holes in the ground, pink reverses gravity, the one with glasses turns electrical stuff on and off, green grows into a tree, brown turns into a exit, meebling with a hat become any other meebling, orange do nothing.
PC Defense

Defend your PC from the viruses attack. Use Norton to shoot in 1 direction, 100% damage for all viruses, Nod32 shoots in 8 directions, small damage but fast, Mcafee shoots in 4 directions, medium damage, Antivir slows down viruses, no damage, Avg, huge damage to all viruses in its range, Kaspersky throws viruses back. There are also different kind of viruses with different qualities.

Push pieces to the board from left or right. Game ends when is full and at least 2 pieces on board are same kind. Align similar pieces vertically and they will disappear from the board. Remove more pieces with one move or continue removing pieces with each move to gain bonus score. Move mouse to select row and side. Click to push. Or use arrow keys up and down arrow to select row, left and right arrow to push the piece.
Andrew the Droid

Use left and right arrows to move around. Get the green remote to turn on green buttons and advance to the next level. Collect and activate new functions for the droid. You activate the new functions at the laboratory.
Master of Fortresses

Hold 20 invasion waves. Build barricades, palisades, curtain walls, earthworks and bastions. Put conscripts, cantonists, grenadiers, cannons, and traps like powder mines, heavy mines and caltrops.
Epic Battle Fantasy III

A few years ago, a great battle against an evil entity rocked the earth. The destruction left the population enfeebled and struggling to survive. A mighty warrior, Lance the gunner, took this opportunity to conquer the lands. However, he was promptly defeated by Matt the swordman and Natalie the magician. Following this battle, the three young heroes teamed up, hoping that no new evil force could defeat their combined power, and once more bring chaos to the world.
Magnet Towers

Move your mouse to stack pills of the same color into a tower. Click the mouse button to create a tower fusion. The more pills you stack at one time, the more points you will get from the tower fusion. Do not let your tower run into pills of a different color, or your tower will get blown apart.
Recordshop Tycoon

Buy a property with your available funds and start your music business. You should buy cds of different music genres and buy it to the customers that come in to your store. You must first buy the music to be available to sell it.
Grid Game

The objective of this game is to get a chain reaction of tiles as long as possible. Tiles will start each other if their lines are connected. Click a tile to start.
Little Protectors

In this defense game you must defend multiple lands. At the top right of the screen there is the map screen where you can select the part of the world you want to protect. There are some skills that you can improve when you advance in the game. Little commanders also earn super fun spells. You can only pick 6 to use in any fight. You have warriors, mages or archers. You can pick up resources.

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