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Accurate Boy
The First Hero
Loony Box

Dots 2

Draw a line between two points. Try to close a shape to make a square. Avoid let new squares to your opponent. The player that creates more squares wins the game.
Pirates Gold Hunters

Your goal is to protect your castle. The goal of the pirates is to steal your gold and destroy the castle. Master the towers and castle for victory.
Shadez: Black Operations

Fight against enemy armies along the World. Send units to the battle front. Advance in the levels to get improves in your units and your armament. Click over the units button to put them in the battle field.
Harry the Hamster 2: The Quest for the Golden Whee

Guide Harry to find the pieces of the golden hamster wheel that are now scattered across the world. Use arrows to move Harry, space bar to pick up or drop objects and M to show or hide map. Harry can carry all the pieces of the wheel, but only one other object at a time. Try to solve the problem when the way is blocked. Harry loses energy if he is attacked by a rat.
Oliver and the Basilisks

Eliminate all 4 basilisks in 12 turns to score a bonus. Basilisks turn everything to stone, including each other. Oliver amulet lets him teleport to a random distant spot but takes time to recharge. Oliver can use a fire shield to kill adjacent basilisks. There are also several spells.
I will survive 2

You start with empty land. Start building something like military buildings, primary structures, cannons, important structures, economy buildings to get money, etc. Use commands to order and train your troops. Attack and conquer the enemy villages.
Bridge Tactics

Press in a place in the bridge to put the dynamite. When you finish press ready to let the enemies advance and the press over the dynamite to make the enemies and the bridge explode. Try to kill al the enemies and destroy the entire bridge.
Gold Panic

Help the lucky miner push all the gold into his little car. There are sand to dig away, pushable stones, indestructible blocks, exploding bombs, spider eggs and of course gold to collect.

You must earn a place by working your way up. Buying new vessels, learning to trade, and possibly joining a guild. Make the right choices, pick up the right fights, and try to survive. Customize your player. You have several abilities: travel, defense, attack, trade.
Zoo Escape

Take the animals to the freedom exit. Click the gray stones to make them disappear. Cages with animals can be click or hit by other objects.

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