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Nutty Mania

Element Tower Defence

This game is based on the popular Warcraft3 \"Element Tower Defence\" and the Starcraft \"Turret Defence\" gameplay. The object of the game is to prevent the hordes(waves) of monsters from getting to the castle by building element towers near the path.
Refugees From Space

This is a game about a crisis on a distant planet, and about Earth sending out missions to offer relief and aid to fleeing refugees.
Cursed Islands

Venture with a stickman in the Cursed Islands, with simple childish pencil drawings as the scenario of a medieval adventure full of monsters. Simple actions taken by the Mouse are responsible for walking, attacking, exploring and everything else that is part of a map of RPG, with weapons and treasures in quests.
Escape Plan School

Make an escape plan to get out of the school, after falling asleep inside the gym and waking up without the janitor nor the keys anywhere nearby. The doors are locked and there isnít anyone there, right before two weeks of vacation, and the cafeteria food is too bad to endure all that time.
Vortex Point 6

A young kid stole a cursed statue and went inside a traveling carnival. He was never seen since. Itís up to Kevin to find the stolen statue and find the missing kid, before itís too late. Mouse Ė Point and click.
Johnny Rocketfingers

His nickname makes this guy with the ordinary name of Johnny achieve respect instantly whenever his rocket fingers are put in action. He sometimes saves people, not necessarily because he is a good person, but for reasons not even him is capable of providing. Enjoy this funny and active adventure by the side of this shooter.
The Mill

In the sixth installment of the Cube Escape series you find yourself in an old mill full of strange machinery. Interact with objects by using your mouse. Select items and use them on the screen.

You are leading the excavation of an old cemetery. Assemble a team to dig, inspect and explore the hidden ruins beneath!

A snobby video game reviewer named Ron gets trapped in a buggy and poorly drawn pointín click game Ė a genre he hates from the bottom of his heart. Pretty soon Ron learns that if he wants to leave heís left with only two choices: to beat the game, or to cheat it! - each puzzle has more than one solution; - three different endings; - 20 areas to explore in the old fashioned point and click style - more than 20 characters to talk to, and lots of funny dialogues - Original soundtrack written and performed by the talented composer Antonio Mariano. This is a point and click graphic adventure Ė you only need your mouse
Cube Escape - The Lake

You have to escape from this cabin which is next to the rusty lake. You do not remember how you came here but now you have no choice then to work on an escape plan. Explore the cabin and collect the items that can help you to unlock the door of this cabin. Use mouse only to play this game.

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