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Transylmania 2
Cover Orange Pla ...
Flaming Zombooka ...

Desert Moon

Stop the Moon invasion. Mouse over a weapon to see its description and cost. Click on the weapon and place it on the map. To cancel it press space bar. Enemies will approach from the lower right. Enemies can kill your defenders if they get too close. Enemies who get past your defense will damage the life support. Do not let it reach zero.
Squadron Auriga

You can look around the battlefield by pointing your cursor to each edge of the battlefield. Enemies will come in a couple of waves, you just need to defend the base as long as possible till the enemy waves is finished. Select defending buildings, each one has its own properties and functions. You can control towers manually or let them work automatically.
Frontline Defense 2

To begin purchase some defense towers from the command panel and place them in the battle field. Sometimes you can put a support strike when the ability is charged.
Rebuild Chile

Use arrow keys to push the debris through the exit. More budget rebuild more houses. Press H to select a debris with the arrow keys and then space bar to make the helicopter take it.
Zombie Trailer

Stop the zombie invasion with your army. Send units to kill the zombies and buy new elements with the earned money to destroy all the zombies and win the war.
Champios of Chaos

Battle against your enemies in the arena. Their health and mana are displayed overhead. The action bar indicates when a character is going to act. When the chaotic energy bar is full you can use special abilities. Use special attacks from the list.
Rescue on Cocoa Farm

Help Gummy Jones return all the animals to the barn for the winter. Play the chocolate game in the barn and get a high score. Click on chocolate blocks to melt them away. The objective of the game is to get your animals through the barn doors. Click switches with objects to activate items such as the moving platforms.
Prizma Puzzle 3

Click to connect the start node to the end node without running out of moves. Collect the Stars to get extra score. Collect the energy to get extra moves. Try to solve all the levels to win the game.
Liquid Measure 2

Drag this pot to have it under the water tank. Then click start or press space. You can pour different streams together, where the amount of water will be added up. With pipes water can be controlled. Once water leaves a pipe, it wont enter another one. Pipes can not be rotated.
Shopping City

Build your own resort island. Earn money by building and operating the network of shops. Upgrade the shops, increase your cash flow, watch over the shops. Complete the goal of money in the given days.

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