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Monkey Go Happy ...
Oh Snow!

Funny Man

Try to get the exit in each level. Use arrows to move your character and jump. Drag bodies to build a way. Use space to rotate them.
Let it Glow

You should light up the bulb connecting it to the energy source. Use transmitters to connect the bulb to the source creating a chain. Click wooden blocks to remove them. Dashed lines show electric field spread area, the distance of connection.
The Spline

The aim of this game is to catch all the stars with the golden disc, following the path that you draw by adjusting the nodes with the mouse to slide the disc over the line. Once you set the nodes press the Start button for the disk starts to move.
Crusade. Arkandian Legends: Chapter 1

The Kingdom of Arkandia has generally been a peaceful place. Lately however demons have been seen rampaging. Your liege has called upon you to defeat this new menace, before heading to the briefing you take a good long look in the mirror and contemplate the task ahead. Fight your enemies using the different available attacks.
Tentacle Wars

Attack all the enemies using your tentacles. As your microbes grow their attacks have more power. If the enemy is powerful you can use your tactics to win the game.
Escape Artist

Try to find the exit in this artist atelier. You will have to visit the different sectors and click on objects to make them interact. You can add things to your inventory to use later.
Penguins Attack 3

Use all the weapons at your disposal to prevent the penguin attack. Build your defences by selecting towers and placing them on the game play area. When you advance to a higher level you can unlock a new feature. You can upgrade and sell towers.
Imperfect Balance 2

Use the blocks from the shape box to make the colorful blocks from the playfields to fall off the screen: You can rotate the blocks. You get 1 point for every colourful block that falls of the screen and 3 points for each block that is in the shape box when you have cleared the playfield.
Isoball 03

Build a track using blocks to guide the ball towards the exit hole. Click on a block to select it and place on the stage. You can click on the block to rotate it before you put it on the stage. Click on the ball to make it move.
Steam Birds Survival

Click and drag a control marker to change the path of your airplanes. Aim for the first enemy. Click the End of Turn button to move your planes forward. Planes shoot automatically if in range. When you press the button all planes move. You can see the result of your movement.

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