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Red Riot
Swindler. The gr ...
Handless Millona ...

Fun Da Vinci

You must throw the cannon ball to the urn. You can get help from some objects affected or not by gravity, trampolines to bounce the balls off, controllers to rotate and remove objects. Use your brain just as Leonardo Da Vinci should do it. Game´s Name: Fun Da Vinci
Urban Feud

Fight against enemy clans in the city. Click and hold your mouse over your building and move it to enemy building to command your clan to attack it. You can select multiple building by clicking, holding, and dragging across your building. Garage equips your army with motorcycle, makes them faster than normal one. Game´s Name: Urban Feud
Crash the Robot

Drag the bomb out of the inventory to this place and press the Start button. For pause press P or ESC. The main aim of this game is to crash the robot. You will have do puzzles and bring into work different mechanisms. Mechanisms are brought into work with the help buttons. To push the button you may move the object with the help bombs. The circular saw, as well as the bomb doesn´t interact with buttons, but you can move the objects. Point cursor to the button, you can know which object it activates.
VR Defender Y3K

The year is 3000 and you are a network security engineer. You must use your virtual arsenal to prevent the waves of viruses from destroying the server firewall. Your defense consisted of a variety of stationary emplacements along the network path. By strategically choosing, placing and upgrading towers you just might be able to destroy the viruses. You can hold down the shift key to build multiple towers of the same type.

Try to stack all the pieces on the board within 60 seconds so they are in the figure at the top. You will have to press on the box where one of the pieces is and on the box which you want to move that piece. If you can not complete the level in the 60 seconds you can restart it.
Rebuild. I hear they like brains

During the first year after the zombies collapse the world, survivors banded togetherto fend off the zombies, always staying on the move and never looking back. But we they are not going to run any more. They are putting their feet down and star to rebuild civilization. Explore the buildings looking for food and another useful things
Robo Sockets

The main goal of the game is to connect robots into chains to collect energy. Robots have different number of hands which are arranged differently. There are broken robots, but they still have some energy in their batteries. You need to connect 5 or more robots with their hands to gather energy. The more robots are in a chain, the more points you earn. There are bombs that destroy the robots, boxes and mutators.

Manage a camping. You must take care of 75 campers. Make sure that the campers leave your camp happy from your services. Make a good mix of campers at your camp site. Accommodate the campers near important camping objects and put the older and adult campers far from the teenagers. Each group of campers requires different surroundings. Construct roads and sanitary objects. Game Name: Youda Camper
Demonic Guardians

The objective of this tower defense game is to defend yours demoniac bases in different parts of the map, at all levels of difficulty. Use let and right arrow keys to look over the map. Add units to stop waves of enemies.
South Pole Aggressor

Help penguins stop human invasion to Antarctica. Click on a unit to select it and move the cursor back onto the map. The unit shows where the unit can be placed. Units can be upgraded to increase their power or sold.

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