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Roller Coaster R ...
Monkey Go Happy
UFO Mission

Amigo Pancho

Help Pancho escape the crazy canyon. Click on objects like wood to remove them. Some objects cannot be removed. Rise from level to level to get the top of the canyon. Game´s Name: Amigo Pancho
Raid Mission

You can select command from command window when your character´s action bar is full. Different action consumes different amount of the action bar. The speed of an action bar to refill depends on speed attribute. Select attack command to attack a target with equipped weapon. You can see the accuracy of an attack against a target in percentage. Accuracy depends on the character´s status, weapon and position. When not in action, you are considered covering behind an object and will be fairly safe from enemies attack. Likewise, while in action, your chance of getting hit is higher. Game´s Name: Raid Mission
Park My Train

Aim is to take the trains to their destination. The correct station is the same color than train. Select the train by clicking on its icon in the panel or on the train itself. Start and stop the train by clicking on the train. Try to stop the engine of the train at the indicate place. Game´s Name: Park My Train
UpBot goes Up

Try to reach the target pad with each robot. Each robot moves in different direction. Press on robot or in his color button to move it. Robots can push each other. Game´s Name: UpBot goes Up
Toxers. Escape from Metropolis Isle

The Metropolis Isle has been invaded by mutant radioactive bugs after a big explosion on the ice cream factory. You are one of the survivors and you must fight against through hordes of bugs to escape the island. Try to locate other survivors to help you in your fight for survival. Big Al, an enterprising individual, has a shop where you can find all the supplies you will need to make it through the city. Get more firepower, stock up on grenades and buy things that you need to survive. Game´s Name: Toxers. Escape from Metropolis Isle
Fireboy and Watergirl 2 in The light Temple

Use AWD to move water girl. Use the arrow keys to move fire boy. In six side diamonds levels get to the exit doors as fast as possible, grabbing all diamonds. Three side diamonds levels are very similar, but it´s trick is to move both characters simultaneously. In diamonds levels the goal is to grab the green diamond and then got to the exit door. In square diamonds levels there´s no light. Take care of your steps. Platforms will light the way. Game´s Name: Fireboy and Watergirl 2 in The light Temple
Guardian Rock

Get rid of all nosy archeologists by smashing into them. Control the guardian rock with the arrow keys. You can reset any level by pressing R and pause the game with P. Hit S to remove all enemies in the level if you have any keys. Game´s Name: Guardian Rock
Go! Go! Bee

Your target is to fill the bucket with the honey extract in each level. Click the honey comb to release the honey balls. Click the bricks to destroy them. Use mouse to interact. Press M to mute sound. Press spacebar to reset the level. Game´s Name: Go! Go! Bee

Click on the colored square, then click the direction you want it to move. Move the colored square into the shaded area. Game´s Name: Fragments
Diamond Penthouse Escape

You awake to find yourself stuck in this penthouse apartment. Can you find a way out and leave with all the diamonds?. Game´s Name: Diamond Penthouse Escape

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