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Jelly Go!
Street Ride
OOzing Forever

Dibbles for the Great Good

Help the Dibbles safely guide their king from one apple to the next. Dibbles will gladly make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve this goal. Click the icons at the bottom then lay the stones down in the play area, the first dibble to arrive at the stone will perform the action instructed on the stone. Game Name: Dibbles for the Great Good
Link-Em Bamboo

Help panda to create chains of bamboo. Click on bamboo pieces to rotate them. Create chains to score big points. Game Name: Link-Em Bamboo
X Striker

Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to select different unit types, WASD or arrows to scroll map, mouse to move units. Mouse click drag to select a group of units. Click the units to select them. Drag a pat for selected units to follow. Game Name: X Striker

The goal of Exterminator is to kill bugs before they escape the map. The bugs enter from the incoming arrows. And if they make it, they will escape at the out arrows. You don´t want them to get there. Your money and health are displayed in screen. Each time a bug escapes, you lose 1 health point. When you kill a bug you will gain money. Money can be used to build weapons. Game Name: Exterminator
Ninja Painter

Use the mouse or arrows to move. Paint the walls and get to the exit. Collect stars. Grab the paint to paint the marked walls. Springboards affect your jumps. Use the ladder to collect stars. Game Name: Ninja Painter
Frontline Defense First Assault

Click on any unlocked mission to begin. Spend any skill points you have at the skill shop (at the top of the screen). Skill points are earned or completing new missions. Put defenses in the way of your enemies to stop their attacks. Game Name: Frontline Defense First Assault
Jungle Fun

Search for the lost treasure. Click on the character. Break the rocks. Advance in your adventure in the jungle. Press on objects to make them interact. Game Name: Jungle Fun
Riddle Transfer

Try to escape from this prison. This game is played entirely with the mouse. The mouse can be rolled over certain objects to reveal what they are. These labelled objects can be clicked on to be observed. Lots of things in the game can be clicked, occasionally including things without labels. You can click on dialogue to cycle through it. Some tings you click on may be items. You can use items from inventory by clicking on them. Click on the place you want to use the item. Game Name: Riddle Transfer
The Adventures of Red

Help this yellow character named Red, to find the way to the free chocolate muffin. Press on all different places and solve puzzles to find the keys to open locked doors. Game Name: The Adventures of Red. The Quest for the Chocolate Muffin
Royal Envoy

Build a kingdom in some fertile islands. The residents of every house pay rent. Click on the money bag above the house to collect the rent and have gold to expand the buildings. Build house and other installations. Game Name: Royal Envoy

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