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Flooded Village
Latin Heat
Dibbles 3 Desert ...

Imperium II. The Kingdom War

First at all, you can build various buildings in your village: houses, lumber mills, gold mines, farms, iron mines, brickyards, etc. After build some buildings, you can order soldiers to the war, move resources to other cities and export and import. You can order your soldiers to attack enemy area. There are 6 types of soldier: swordsman, spearman, bowman, axeman, knight and catapult. You will win the game if you conquered all of 96 areas in the game: Imperium II. The Kingdom War
The Railway Robotīs Road Trip

Click to move and rotate railways to advance to the exit of each level. Try to get the coins. In some levels you must connect different railways to reach the exit. Game Name: The Railway Robotīs Road Trip
Rock and War

The crisis is ravaging the Earth. Planetīs resources are almost depleted. Several colonization expeditions were organized, looking for mining planets. Planet B-Re has been classified as highly productive, but found an unexpected threat. Activate generators for teleport units, build units and move them. Attack your enemies from the back. Game Name: Rock and War

Use arrow keys or WASD to move. You can hold and move the big blocks. Move to them and press once space to hold them. Your goal is to throw all the robots out of level. Robots are protected by electric force field, so you can not touch them directly, but you can hit them with the movable object. Game Name: Pusher
Star Forge

Your star forge will automatically produce components to build or upgrade towers. Click the center button to cycle through available components. The star forge will produce components of the selected type. Defend the star forge at all cost. Drag anywhere on the screen to start building a new tower. You may move the tower before construction is complete, but the process will restart. Game Name: Star Forge

Fight in this war between Romans and Barbarians. The romans are quite balanced in the ways of melee, ranged, and magic attacks. They also have powerful siege weapons. The gaul focus on brute strength to crush their enemies with direct melee attacks. There are limited in the ways of spells and technology. Not much is known about the boarathian tribe, only that they are extremely aggressive and protective of their land. Use WASD or arrow keys to move the screen or click and drag on the minimap above. Select a swordman, then select the type and place him on the battlefield. Game Name: Siegius
Bear Vs Bee

Help bear collect the honey. Knock at the honeycomb. Tickle bear. Pull nails. Click on the smiley button and bear will jump high. Donīt let bees touch the bear. If you canīt tickle the bear push him. Game Name: Bear Vs Bee
Side Effect

Choose any colored piece from the right. Press and release the left mouse button. Move piece there you want. Left click again to release piece. While you dragging piece, you can rotate by mouse wheel or space key. Match the color of the blocks with the color of the side that the color touches. Game Name: Side Effect
Dibbles for the Great Good

Help the Dibbles safely guide their king from one apple to the next. Dibbles will gladly make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve this goal. Click the icons at the bottom then lay the stones down in the play area, the first dibble to arrive at the stone will perform the action instructed on the stone. Game Name: Dibbles for the Great Good
Link-Em Bamboo

Help panda to create chains of bamboo. Click on bamboo pieces to rotate them. Create chains to score big points. Game Name: Link-Em Bamboo

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