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Alexander the Great

It is 336 BC, and you are Alexander the Great. Your desire is to reach the ends o the Earth and the Great outer Sea. Your objective in this game is to conquer all the nations that oppose you. Show them your great tactical ability and crush them. Select a mission and the place that you want to attack and press Fight button. Then put your forces into battle field. Game Name: Alexander the Great
Puzzle Fortress

Infiltrate the enemy fortress, rescue the imprisoned dignitary, and destroy the base. Each room door is locked. A computer can open the door once the complete code is kown. The code fragments can be found on discs located throughout the room. Move with the arrow keys. You are equipped with a freeze ray gun. Press space to fire. Batteries provide ammunition. The gun freezes enemies. They can then be pushed around the room. Enemies shot again while frozen will be destroyed. Game Name: Puzzle Fortress
Armed Defense

Hover the mouse over one of the towers on the left bottom to see what they can do. Click on a specific tower and place it on the middle area. Build more towers to destroy wave after wave of armed vehicles or upgrade your existing towers for more stopping power. Game Name: Armed Defense
Potty Mouth Ninja. Enter the Pirate

You can move any barrel up, down, left or right. You can unblock your way, or use it to block your enemy´s attack. Find a scroll and receive a spirit ball. Use space to shoot the spirit ball at the totem, then you can move it in any direction. The totem wont stay in forever so hurry. Use WASD to move and spacebar to shoot. Game Name: Potty Mouth Ninja. Enter the Pirate
Super Energy Apocalypse

Wasteland borders the map where zombies come from at night. Select the building from the menu. Click on the map somewhere. Select a damaged building from the map and select repair in the menu. To build units select a factory from the map and select the unit on the factory´s menu. Build defenses to avoid enemies attack. Game Name: Super Energy Apocalypse

Help Rob-Rob to get the exit in each level. Press left and right arrow keys or AD to control him. The batteries are useful for you. Use the ventilators to get higher platforms. Take care of moving platforms. They could be dangerous. Teleports could be useful but sometimes could teleport the devil knows which way. Game Name: Rob-Rob
Radioactive Jack

Push the box on the X place to activate the door. Try to make as less moves as you can. You can select any level between 30 different. Higher levers are more difficult. Similar to Boulder Dash game. Game Name: Radioactive Jack

Save the sheeps. They will start in certain positions in the game board and will remain there until you press the “Go” button. When you press the button the sheep will start running. Avoid the sheep to crash against obstacles. Put pieces in the space to change the direction of the sheep and get the target. Game Name: Sheepish
Mad Arrow

Protect your gold. You put defenders in the way according to the money you have. When you kill enemies you increase your money amount and you can put new and better defenders. Game Name: Mad Arrow
Flower Defense

Muco beetles are attacking. Defend the precious Nuna tree seedling at all costs. You will have to defend the flowers of their attack. Select a battle scene and then put defenses on the beetles way. These may be devices such as water landmines or plants. Game Name: Flower Defense

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