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At the first part of your turn click on the countries you want to deploy your armies. Then click on a territory you own and then on one of its neighbors to attack it. To confirm review your orders and click Commit to finish. You can select how much armies you want to use in each attack and use the other to attack another country. Game Name: Warlight
Techno Mania

Press Start to activate robot. Use the controls to help the robot pass the level. The movements are limited. Press the buttons to stop, accelerate, flight and to make other actions. Game Name: Techno Mania
The First Hero

Immortal Gods, they have chosen a new hero. Son of Zeus will now follow the path of the champions. Click and point on objects and places to make them interact. Enjoy the characters of Greek mythology in this flash game. Game Name: The First Hero
King´s League

On the 90th birthday of the King, the King´s League will commence. Whoever emerges champion of the league will challenge the king and be the heir of his throne. Recruit your units on the different places. Press Recruitment button. Train and manage your units a then fight. Game Name: King´s League
Creeper World

Build collectors to get energy. Build weapons to fight off the creeper. Collect any technology and artefacts. Connect to all Totems. Once totems activate, Odin city escapes. Game Name: Creeper World
Leila and the Magic Ball

Left and right arrow keys to move. To jump, press the up arrow key or space bar. Hold X o N to call the magic ball to Leila. Hold X or N to throw the magic ball at the tower and destroy it. The longer you hold X or N the harder the throw. If the ball gets stuck try holding X or N to pull it free, or press Reset. Press the down arrow key to look below. Collect the bottles. Crates can activate switches. Game Name: Leila and the Magic Ball
Dynamite Blast 2

Use the mouse to control the game. Place the bombs on beams. You can blow up beams, stones and wooden boxes. Follow the prompts in the game. Place and detonate bombs on the metal beams of the bridge to blow it up. Try to make the cars fall down into the gap below the yellow line. Game Name: Dynamite Blast 2
Elemental War. The Crisis of Fire Nation

Protect your castle from enemy attack. Avoid the enemies get the castle position. Put the soldiers along the way. You have a limited amount of money and each soldier costs some money. Each time you kill an enemy you earn money to use in new soldiers. You will have more different soldiers to choose when you advance in the game. Game Name: Elemental War. The Crisis of Fire Nation
Alexander the Great

It is 336 BC, and you are Alexander the Great. Your desire is to reach the ends o the Earth and the Great outer Sea. Your objective in this game is to conquer all the nations that oppose you. Show them your great tactical ability and crush them. Select a mission and the place that you want to attack and press Fight button. Then put your forces into battle field. Game Name: Alexander the Great
Puzzle Fortress

Infiltrate the enemy fortress, rescue the imprisoned dignitary, and destroy the base. Each room door is locked. A computer can open the door once the complete code is kown. The code fragments can be found on discs located throughout the room. Move with the arrow keys. You are equipped with a freeze ray gun. Press space to fire. Batteries provide ammunition. The gun freezes enemies. They can then be pushed around the room. Enemies shot again while frozen will be destroyed. Game Name: Puzzle Fortress

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