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Anagrams is a new highscores word search game in which you must try to create as many anagrams (new words) as you can from the provided letters. The game contains 2 game modes - Challenge and Practice, 3 difficulties, and hundreds of words! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?
Creeper\'s Castle

Face off against creatures who are sometimes easy to beat or, tough as all hell. Sometimes it will seem like you have a chance to win and other times you\'ll have to make a run for it or, die where you stand. Go through a small number of floors each with its own array of enemies, special items, upgrades, etc. The following should explain the rest, hope you enjoy.
Ritual Defense

The theme was ritual, and we changed the whole game with 13h to end the jam. What a great idea... We hope to finish it someday. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy, even as simple as it is.
Two Pairs Ace

For the fast and funny.
Royal Warfare 2

The Black Order had brought chaos to the land and it\'s your responsibility to keep it in order. You need to fight them by hiring soldiers. Complete all the missions, collect stars and golds for upgrades, unlock all the achievements and finish the campaign.
The Splitting: Chapter 1

Daniel wakes up one morning to find that his reflection is gone. Now, with his reflection missing, he discovers that he can pass through mirrors into the identical mirror-world.
Daeblo Episode 1

The gateway between the world of the living and hell was destroyed. Hundreds of years have passed and the world has become a desolate wasteland inhabited by freaks, demons, and lawless deviants. The land is forever covered in a shroud of darkness.
Forgotten Hill: Fall

You are lost and alone in the woods close to Forgotten Hill village. It\'s a cold november night, and you have no cell phone signal, no lights, and no one to help you. Or wait, maybe you can find help in the house on the hill? Survive and escape the mysteries in Forgotten Hill: Fall, a thrilling point and click horror game!
Cattle Tycoon 2

Second part of the addicting cattle farm game, we now give you Cattle Tycoon 2! With new updates and upgrades, you can raise your own cattle farm, sell products and earn money for your farm improvement.

This is a fun project that follows my series of Slimy Strategy games.

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