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Select a name for your kingdom and king and start campaign. Use the arrow keys to move around the world map. Select the places you want to attack and begin the siege. Then put your units in the battle field and try to bring down enemy forces. Game Name: Warlands. The Battle of Kingdoms
Flower Defense

Mother Nature takes many forms, including a giant tree we call the Mother Tree. All natural energy emanates from the Mother Tree. Nature spirits are made of this energy, perfectly balanced between good and evil. Sometimes this energy becomes unbalanced, corrupting the spirits and causing them to materialize and fuse with the elements. This evil energy upsets the natural order. The spirits seek to return to the Mother Tree and corrupt it as well. Stop them and rebalance their energy before they reach the Mother Tree. Game Name: Flower Defense
Rolling Fall

In this game your goal is to cut the chain and kill zombies in each level. For that you will have to cut the chains that hold huge wrecking balls so that make a movement that kill the zombies. Click on the chain to cut it. Game Name: Rolling Fall

Help the kahoots to get the door to the next level. Click and drag to swap blocks. Collect K for a bonus. Try to get the exit door. Use up arrow block to jump. Avoid bad blocks. Game Name: Kahoots
Mooo Twooo! Genetically Enhanced

Click on yellow haystacks to remove them. Get the cow to the bottle of mutatium. In second level remove the haystack and click the cow to inject it with mutatium. This will turn the cow into a flying pig. In third level a second injection of mutatium turn your pig into a sheep. Sheep cling onto things. Inject the sheep again to turn it back to a cow. Game Name: Mooo Twooo! Genetically Enhanced
Super Tower Defense. Obliterate Everything

Conflict has broken out between factions for control of the nebula. You are blue. Destroy red. Click and drag to move view. Build a fighter bay to make ships. It will automatically build ships as long as you have enough supply. Build a supply dock to increase maximum ships. Keep building stuff until the red base is destroyed. Game Name: Super Tower Defense. Obliterate Everything
Monster Town

The monsters are approaching. You must defend the city. Go to depot. Select on which door you want to start building it. Click on a worker to select it. Try to avoid the zombie attack. Complete all the levels to win the game. Game Name: Monster Town
Cursed Dungeon

You are and adventurer in this RPG style game. During your last journey you were cursed by a demon. A witch told you that the curse would transform you into a horrible beast if you donīt find the cure in time. Go to the deepest level of the dangerous Appolyonīs dungeon to find the cure. Game Name: Cursed Dungeon
Nuts and Bolts

Click on an adjacent platform to move the robot there. Then click on the orange beam you have just walked over to store it in nutīs battery. You can carry only one beam at a time. Game Name: Nuts and Bolts
Two Princes

Help the two princes to save the princess. Use arrow keys to walk and jump. Press Z to change the character. You canīt change the character on moving blocks. Get the flag to pass to next level. Game Name: Two Princes

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