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Click and hold mashbits to move them. They can only jump on platforms of the same color. Eat all the mushrooms in each level to pass to the next one. When mashbits jump on a platform it changes its color. Both mushbits can jump on golden platforms. Game Name: Mushbits

Fill all empty lockers dragging the mouse from the colored boxes. Each colored box has a number that tells you the number of times you can extend that color. Game Name: Huebrix
Sky Garden

Click every tree to win. Trees turn to water. Water drowns other trees. Try to turn every tree into water without drowning another tree. If you have a shovel click on the grass. Game Name: Sky Garden

Order rows or columns of three or more identical blocks to make them disappear and pass the level. There is a number of actions you can do to complete a level. To get a star you must complete the level in this amount of actions or less. Game Name: Blocks
Flooded Village

Click to dig a river and water the seeds. Ayuda a los piratas a navegar. Si haces menos movimientos ganarás puntaje extra. Do not drown villagers. Click a hole to fill it with sand. To increase your score chain together a flood. Game Name: Flooded Village
Dibbles 3 Desert Despair

Help the Dibbles safely guide their king from one pyramid to the next. Dibbles will gladly make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve this goal. Click the icons at the bottom then lay the stones down in the play area, the first Dibble to arrive at the stone will perform the action instructed on the stone. Game Name: Dibbles 3 Desert Despair
Rune Raiders

Hire your team and start the mission. Click on the buttons to move forwards, let or right your team or to hold your positions. Drag the warriors to form different fight positions. Kill enemies and collect the gold. Buy upgrades with your gold. Game Name: Rune Raiders
World Guards

Don´t let the enemies reach the exit. Use the available money to build guns. When you destroy enemies you earn money to add more guns. Click on the weapons to get them and click on the selected places to put them there. Game Name: World Guards
Zone Control 2

Click and drag one of your zones to move the units. Capture neutral zones by invading them with your units. Captured zones produce units. Destroy the red team to win the level and upgrade your army. Press spacebar to access your buy menu to build bases. Game Name: Zone Control 2
Max and Michele

Help Max and Michele meet each other. The blue and orange blocks can be cleaned, having clicked them with the mouse. The yellow and violet blocks can´t be cleaned. Game Name: Max and Michele

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