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Mushbits 2

Help the bugs that eat mushrooms to get to where the mushrooms are and eat them. The bugs can only jump on platforms of the same color or the golden ones. Eat all mushrooms to advance to the next level. Game Name: Mushbits 2
Electric Joint

Join electrical parts and make a circuit. The electric lines canīt cross. Donīt join similar parts. Game Name: Electric Joint

You will have to undertake a war of conquest to unify all territories. Place your units on the battlefield and defeat your enemies to take over their fortress. Game Name: Takeover

Defend the pass from the forces of darkness. Train defenders and place them along the road to stop enemy attacks. Click on the barrack. Choose the defender you want to train. You can train any 3 kind of units at every barrack. The kind of units are footman, archer and sorcerer. Game Name: Incursion
Stick War II. Order Empire

Left click and drag a box over units to select them. Right click to move your selected units. Move your mouse to scroll the screen sideways. Right click on a enemy unit to attack. Click on miners to select them and click on the statue to start prying and increase mana. Right click on a gold mine to gather gold. Conquer enemy castles, get gold, mana and increase your population. Game Name: Stick War II. Order Empire
Tesla Defense

Select the ground towers from your hot bar. Place your tower on the battlefield. Click the enemy to zap him. Place anti air towers, mines and other defenses. Use mouse to select the places to put the defenses. Game Name: Tesla Defense
Cloud Wars

Your goal is to capture all clouds. Click and drag to command your own clouds. Hold Ctrl and drag to send all warriors. Increase the cloudīs capacity and speed. Collect the stars that appear in the battlefield. Game Name: Cloud Wars
Portal 2D

Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press F to open portals, pick up and let objects. Try to reach the exit portal of each screen. Game Name: Portal 2D
Hordes and Lords

Conquer all the lands for your kingdom. Click a banner to select a squad. Click to place the squad and then click and drag to rotate it. Start the battle. Select the enemies you want to attack by clicking on them. Try to conquer all the villages. Collect the money to upgrade your army. Game Name: Hordes and Lords
Fluffy Steel

Use arrow keys to move. Kill all zombies in each level and find the exit portal. Move between the walls and platforms. Game Name: Fluffy Steel

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