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Sniper Duty
Latin Heat
Bike Zone 2

Kraken Attack

The Kraken has risen from the depths of the lake to wreak havoc. Help Ben to send it back where it came from. Fire at the Kraken to wear down its energy, sending it back into the depths of the lake, before time runs out. Aim for the Krakens chest for maximum damage. Watch out for its fire, especially the deadly blue plasma bursts. Shoot them before they land in your path. Use your up arrow to change direction, and press the space bar to fire.
Black Training Simulator

You are at the Black Hadquarters about to embark on a digitised simulated mission to test your skill levels and see if you have what it takes to be a Black Operative. A known terrorist organisation has taken over a disused tower block in a eastern European capital city.
Scope Assault

Your goal is to eliminate the guards of the Royal Palace from a hiding place since you can see the palace. You will find the guards on the various windows, walls and other parts of the building and shoot them before they find you.
Daytraders of the Dead

A terrible virus has swept through the ranks of global financial leaders. The only salvation for these lost souls is death. Steer your player with WASD or arrows. Use mouse to shoot. Hold down the mouse for continuous fire. Pick up the bonuses and the cash.
Sea Horse Hunt

Help the seahorse save its home from the enemy fishes by shooting them. Shoot them before the fishes propel the bullet towards the home. And remember you have only limited bullets. Use mouse to shoot and aim. Move the arrows to change shooting angle.

Watch the comic segments for clues and instructions for the mission. Mouse: aim rifle, space bar, zoom in and out, left click to shoot, P to use phone, S or up to hide and W or down to unhide. Make sure you have use the pone to locate and highlight targets. The game is over if you are out of time or ammo or if you complete the five levels.
Buba Fish

In timed mode aim the turtle at fish and press the mouse button to shoot a bubble. Bubble 2 of the same fish to score points and remove them. In casual mode you have 3 chances in case you lost a bubble.
Palisade Guardian

Destroy all the enemies before they reach the building. Use spacebar to zoom in, R to reload, Arrows to switch weapon and mouse to fire.
Bunny invasión: Easter Special

Use 1 to 5 to select weapon type, Q and E to previous or next weapon, A or S to throw grenade (timed or remote), R or space to reload weapon. After each wave of bunnies you will be able to purchase weapons.
Vinnies Shooting Yard 5

Select a weapon and a place and help Vinnie to kill all the enemies. Use mouse to aim and shoot and space bar to reload your weapon.

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