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Color Blaster

Shoot and burst the falling color tiles with the same colored star bullets. If you shootwith other colored bullet, then the tiles changes to the bullet color. You have the special star bullet with what you can shoot any colored tiles to burst. Earn score for every correct shot. Shoot all the tiles before the time runs out and move to the next level. Use arrow keys to control the game.
The Snow Runs Red

In the year 2020 Santa killed himself and all the children ride to the North Pole to take their gifts. But Mrs. Claus is waiting and she is very angry. Use arrows or WASD to move and mouse to shoot. Collect the gifts. Stop the kids.
Lock N Load

Destroy snipers, soldiers and cameras to complete your mission. Press space bar to zoom in, R to reload, use mouse to aim and shoot. Press A to hide at time of alert, press S for action.
X-Mas Fun Shoot

Shoot all the bubbles to complete the target and earn score. If you shoot the speed bubble, all the bubbles will move faster. If you shoot the slow bubble, all the bubbles will move slowly. If you shoot the stop bubble all the bubbles will stop for a moment. Try to finish the level before time goes out.
The Museum of Science Fiction

The museum of science fiction has a secret lab where the scientists develop strange experiments, sometimes using the visitors as lab rats. You enter into the lab and now must complete some objectives to stop the menace. Use WASD to move, left click to fire. Refill your ammo.
Bunny Invasion II

Stop the new bunny invasion. Use 1 to 0 and - to change the weapon, or Q and E. Use Space or R to reload and A or S to throw grenades. Control the health and earn money to upgrade.
SAS: Zombie Assault

Use WASD or arrows to move your character. Press left mouse button to shoot current weapon, Q or Del to previous, E or End to next, R or Page Down to reload, F or Home to repair barricade, Space or Page Up to buy upgrades.
Destroy All Zombies

Fire at enemies using the mouse. Enemies will attack you when they are close. Some enemies have other abilities. Move yourself around using WASD keys. Reload your weapon using E key. Change to the next available weapon using the Q key.
Gun Blood

Choose your character to duel with another gun man. Place mouse over the chamber until the counter reaches zero. Then shoot your opponent. After some duels you must prove your aim shooting bottles.
Arena Rage

First drag your weapon icons from your inventory to the weapon slots marked 1 and 2. These slots are where you will equip whatever weapons you want to take into battle with you. Next drag the rage icon from your inventory to the slot marked rage. This slot holds the rage ability you choose to take into battle.

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