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Tanx War

You heroically break through the front line into enemy territory. Stop a massive offense of enemy tanks. Across the field at different distances from your tank six types of enemy tanks passing. Fire the enemies by using spacebar or Ctrl. Use arrows to move the tank. Get enough score to repair your tank. Game Name: Tanx War
Potato Vs Tomato

Potatoes and Tomatoes start a war between them. Select if you want to fight with Potatoes or Tomatoes and then get ready to fire your cannon. Select the projectile you want to shoot from the different vegetables. Select the orientation of the cannon with left and right arrows and the height with upper and lower arrows. Press the spacebar to select the power of shoot and shoot the projectile. Game Name: Potato Vs Tomato
Diamond in the Rough

Move your turret around by simply moving your mouse. To shoot, click the let mouse button or press the space bar. Control the temperature gauge (red bar) and health bar (green). Every time you kill an enemy or boss you gain experience (violet bar). Buy weapons for your arsenal. Game Name: Diamond in the Rough
Sniper Duty

Hit as many enemies as possible. You have 60 seconds to prove your skill as a sniper. Points are awarded for the level of accuracy you achieve. Use mouse to aim and shoot space to zoom and R to reload. Game Name: Sniper Duty
Wood Fire

Shoot the various creatures in this forest, big birds and characters like Mr. Potato. Aim and shoot with mouse and press space bar to reload your weapon. Don´t harm animals in real life. Game Name: Wood Fire

Kill all the enemies before they take the base. Use mouse to fire, down and up arrow to change weapon, spacebar to zoom in, R to reload (clicking when you are out of ammo will also reload). Game Name: Battlefield
Hungry Little Penguins!!!

Hold left mouse button to charge power papa penguin throws fishes with. Feed all penguins on map with fishes. There is a limited number of fishes in each level. Game Name: Hungry Little Penguins!!!
The Moops

Aim and shoot the sad faces to make them smile. Watch the ammo, it is limited. Aim carefully for a combo. Shoot the face in motion. No need to hurry. Clean all the sadness to pass to next level. Game Name: The Moops. Combos of Joy

Luminara is a graphic intensive game. Shoot everything in the screen. Collect power ups to increase your shooting power. Use arrow keys or WASD to move, mouse to aim, mouse button to fire. Mini Pacmans will move in your direction. Avoid them. Game Name: Luminara
Soldier Survival

Try to survive in the battle shooting all the enemies that appear and collecting the weapons to have enough ammo. If you get in the puddles you will walk slower. Press arrow keys to move and use the mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Soldier Survival

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