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American Racing
Vehicles Level P ...
Space is the Key
Hate Red

Ufos Crusher

The ZORG have taken control of the planet. Your objective is clear: kick them out. They are ruthless and their technology is superior, but the can´t beat human fury. Defend from enemy attacks using the shield, and use special items wisely. Use AD or arrows to rotate, mouse to shoot, S or up for shield, W or down to use item. Game Name: Ufos Crusher
Red Boom

The objective of this game is to destroy all the red balloons in each level. Calculate the power and trajectory of your shoot and press left mouse button to shoot cannons projectiles. Shoot at the balloon, break the chains or destroy them with spikes. If you get stuck press “Reset” to try again. Game Name: Red Boom
Harvest Ranch

Feed the animals using your food cannon. Press spacebar to scroll food and select which vegetable you want to throw to the animals. Calculate the power and trajectory of your shot. Game Name: Harvest Ranch

Defend your territory. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around and jump. Use your mouse to aim. Click and hold your mouse button to shoot bubbles. Game Name: Octobubble
Cavemen vs Dinosaurs. Coconut Boom!

Move the pointer around the caveman to aim your shots. In order to control strength you need to move the cursor away from the caveman. Each time you hit a dinosaur you will get some money. Use it to get some special power ups from the shop. The detonator will let you instantly detonate the coconut where it is. Useful to hit stuff in places hard to reach. There are more useful special coconuts. Game Name: Cavemen vs Dinosaurs. Coconut Boom!
Counter Snipe

Find and eliminate as many enemy soldiers as you can within the time limit. Enemies will shoot at you, but can give themselves away with muzzle flashes and the sound of gunfire. Every soldier you kill will buy you some time. Aim for the head for further time bonuses. Press space to aim down scope and to zoom out. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Counter Snipe
Bubble Struggle II: Rebubbled

Destroy all the bubbles and collect items. Use arrows to move and space bar to shoot. Avoid the bubbles touch you. The items may include dynamite, extra life, freezer,shield, extra time, weapons, points and more. Game Name: Bubble Struggle II: Rebubbled

Use the magic to defend your castle and attack the enemy one. Choose your shooting controls. Point and click: Click to fire spells with your mouse, hold to increase the angle of your shot. Cooldown times are increased for this method. Click and Drag: Click and drag the mouse back to release spells. For the experienced spell-casters only. Game Name: Conjure
Here to Collect

Fight in Wild Far West against a crowd of zombies. Use WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot and R to reload. 1 to 4 to change your weapon. Click the red circle in the top left hand corner for all in the game options. Game Name: Here to Collect
Madness Hydraulic

Fight against a lot of dangerous enemies. Use A or mouse to attack, S or W to jump, D or S to weapon swap, up and down arrows or mouse to aim weapons and left and right arrows or AD to walk. Game Name: Madness Hydraulic

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