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Bean Fiend
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Smurfing for Brooklyn

Use AD to move, mouse to aim and shoot and spacebar to reload. You can cover behind objects. But some objects can break. When you kill you get paid. Upgrade your weapons or enjoy extra stuff with your cash. Game Name: Smurfing for Brooklyn
Totems Awakening

Try to wake the totems in the Maya forest culture or elsewhere in Central America or Latin America. Throw a stone at totem to wake up it. Aim and shoot with you mouse. Throw the stone to another colleague and help him to hit the totem. Game Name: Totems Awakening
Armored Fighter

Help Alien robots to conquer the Earth. Use mouse to aim and shoot and arrows to walk. Press P to get in implant stores. Use them with 1 to 3. You can get extra weapons, low down power usage by plasma shield, increase power capacity for using powerfull weapons. Hold space to use cyan ray to gain power and harvest biomass. Hold S or down arrow for repair. Hold W or up arrow for use plasma shield, you need power for take it active. Game Name: Armored Fighter
Prison Sniper

Take them out before they break out. Don´t let the prisoners escape. Aim and shoot at them to take them out. Press spacebar to activate zoom. Press Z to toggle between weapons. Do not let more than 5 convicts get away. If you kill more than 2 guards, it will be game over for you. Every level will unlock a new weapon. Game Name: Prison Sniper
American Tank. Zombie Invasion

Use arrows or WASD to move the tank. Hold left click to fire. Keep an eye on your Tank Damage Meter. You can drive over zombies to crush them. Avoid jumping zombies and toxic wastes. Position your tank in the marked area. Rescue the survivors from the buildings. Game Name: American Tank. Zombie Invasion
Siege Hero. Viking Vengeance

Eliminate all the Vikings. Fire your stones to the ortress so that they collapse it and kill the enemies. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. You have a limited number of stones in each level. Game Name: Siege Hero. Viking Vengeance
Balloon Pets

Send the cat to the fish box and the dog to the bone box. Aim with your cannon and shoot to explode balloons and let them fall. Use mouse to aim, shoot and calculate the shot power. Shoot at useful things like wood to help you in your objective. Game Name: Balloon Pets
Bazooka Chicken

Help the chicken to protect the cows to be abduct by ufos. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Try to save all the cows and destroy the necessary ufos to advance to next level. Use your score to acquire more cows and upgrades. Cows and ufos have energy bars. Game Name: Bazooka Chicken
Delivery Man

Deliver the cargo of food to poor people in a destroyed future world. But by food we mean weapons, and by poor people we mean rich people. Shoot at enemies that want to steal your cargo. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Delivery Man
UFO Terminator

Terminate UFOs. Protect the village and save people. Use mouse to shoot UFOs and bombs. Press R to reload your weapon. Control Fire rate, UFO remaining and people remaining. Game Name: UFO Terminator

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