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The Unfortunate ...
Micro Racers

Swine Flu Salvation

In the year 2018, after the human population was wiped out by swine flu, the governator, solo survivor of the epidemic, went back through time to prevent what would later be known as judgement day. Prevent the infected pigs crossing the border. Use up and down arrows to move and space to fire. Game Name: Swine Flu Salvation
Dyehard. Paintball Acme

Use the arrow keys to move. Use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot. Press R to reload. Hit the bonus targets to pump up your high score. Game Name: Dyehard. Paintball Acme
Rocket Ville

Use different bombs to destroy all the buddies. With red head bomb click to activate turbo boost. With red bomb click to drop a bomb. With black and red click to detonate. Misile destroy more objects. Game Name: Rocket Ville
Paldorian Defense

Hold left mouse button to aim and release it to throw arrows. Use spacebar to zoom out view. Avoid Paldorian to be taken by the beasts enemies of the kingdom. Kill them before they reach the fortress. Game Name: Paldorian Defense
Pixle Physics

You need to knock enough blocks off to reach the target score. Click and hold to aim. Release to fire. You need to be skilful where you fire to score high. You donīt have to clear all the blocks to complete a level. There are certain challenges for every level, each earning you points. Game Name: Pixle Physics
Shoot the Robbers

Shoot all the Robbers before they kill you. You earn points for every correct shot. You can see your health meter at the bottom. Finish the given target to move next levels. Complete the higher levels to win the game. Click mouse to shoot. Spacebar to reload. Game Name: Shoot the Robbers

The objective is to survive the zombie attack and protect the people. Control your stats. Survive all the necessary days killing all the zombies and avoiding their attack. Use WASD to move and mouse to attack. Game Name: Bitejacker
Flaming Zombooka 3. Carnival

Welcome to the carnival. Itīs a pity there are zombies. Or is it? Aim at shoot at zombies to kill them all and pass to the next level. Use mouse to shoot your weapon. Finish the zombies energy bar to eliminate them. Game Name: Flaming Zombooka 3. Carnival
Miami Outlaws

Get ready to lock and load. Some outlaws are trying to help your prisoners escape. Itīs time to attack. Press spacebar to break the glass. Left click to shoot. Press space bar to reload your weapon. Game Name: Miami Outlaws
Military Rescue

Complete a military rescue in enemy territory. Use WASD to walk and aim left, right, down and up. Press J to shoot, K to jump and L to through grenade. Survive as long as you can. Game Name: Military Rescue

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