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Follow the character on his revenge path. Use right arrow to move ahead, let to kneel, down to crouch, up to jump, space to shoot, 1 and 2 to change weapons. Press down, back and space to shoot enemies hiding behind obstacles. Game Name: Aftermath
Pirates of the Stupid Sea

Use the mouse to aim. Click and hold to make shots go farther. Destroy all the sails to capture the ships. Donīt let enemies escape to the fortress. Game Name: Pirates of the Stupid Sea
Zombie Madness: The awakening

Fight against waves of zombies. Press WASD to move. Press Q to switch weapons. Press E to use your ability. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Sharpshoot the zombies to get a critical hit. Use Shift to sprint. This will consume stamina. Press space bar to melee attack. Game Name: Zombie Madness: The awakening
Pigeonīs Revenge 2

Use mouse to move. Hola and release to shoot. Avois being hitten by the little boy. Hit hom twice to kick him out. Try not to hit the policeman or he will shoot at you. Game Name: Pigeonīs Revenge 2
Ultimate Force 3

Fight in this city destroyed by war. Use mouse to aim and fire and 1 to 4 to select your weapon. Kill the enemies before they reach you with their projectiles. Buy guns with the earned credit. Game Name: Ultimate Force 3
Vigilante Cop

An honest cop whose wife and child have been killed by a gang starts a path of revenge. Use left and right arrows to walk, up to jump, down to duck and space bar to shoot. Game Name: Vigilante Cop
13 Days After Survival

Kill all the zombies before they reach your position. Use mouse to aim and shoot, 1, 2, 3 and QE to select weapons, spacebar or R to reload, 4, F and M to select fire mode. Press P to pause the game. Game Name: 13 Days After Survival
Ultimate Force 2

Fight in the various scenarios against numerous enemies using your sniper skills. Use the mouse to aim and shoot and 1 to 4 to select your weapon. Game Name: Ultimate Force 2
Mecha Warrior

Stop enemy attack. Avoid them to pass your check points. Advance in the game and acquire more weapons. Use 1, 2, 3 and 4 to control the weapons and mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Mecha Warrior
Dragon Hunt

Hunt down the dragons before they roast you with their fire. Use you mouse to aim and let button to shoot when dragons approach to you. Game Name: Dragon Hunt

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