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Gun Mayhem 2. More Mayhem

Move around using the arrow keys. Press up again on air to double jump. Press down to drop through ground. Press Z to shoot. Press X to throw dynamite (the longer you hold X, the further the throw). Collect crates for better weapons. The goal of the game is to knock your opponents off the stage. Game Name: Gun Mayhem 2. More Mayhem
The Most Wanted Bandito

Press up to jump, down to duck, mouse to aim and shoot. Collect the money in your walk. Chase the most dangerous bandito of Wild West. Game Name: The Most Wanted Bandito
Rot Gut

Fight in the mafia war. Use arrows or WASD to move, X or K to jump and C or L to shoot. Press jump key twice to double jump. Use S to switch weapons. Game Name: Rot Gut
Commit 5

Use WASD or arrows to move and mouse to aim and shoot. Eliminate all the enemies and reach the safe zone to pass the level. Sometimes you have to unlock it passing through the locks. Avoid the deadly areas. Game Name: Commit 5
Zombie Situation

Stop the zombie invasion and save your girlfriend. Use arrow keys to move up and down. Use spacebar to shoot. Headshots do extra damage. Use mouse to pick up money. Use number keys to switch weapons. Control your ammo. Game Name: Zombie Situation
Nuclear Plant

Use arrows or WASD to move, Shift to reload your gun, mouse to aim and shoot, 1-8 to change the weapons, down arrow or S to start working with a plant or laboratory. Get skill points in laboratory researching. Increase your skills. Get money for killing enemies. Buy powerful weapons and health units in shop. Game Name: Nuclear Plant
Tequila Zombies 2 Con Gusano

Once upon a time somewhere near Mexican border zombies and vampires attack. Stop them. Use WASD or arrows to move and jump. Use mouse to attack, aim and shoot your weapon. Press down arrow or S to pick up a weapon. Game Name: Tequila Zombies 2 Con Gusano
Intruder Combat Training

Use ADW or arrows to walk and jump, C or Ctrl to crouch, hold S to jump down platforms or stairs, Q to pick up or switch weapons, mouse to aim and shoot, R to reload, space to throw grenades or mines. Game Name: Intruder Combat Training
Awesome Tanks 2

Use arrows or WASD to move your awesome tank and mouse to aim and shoot your cannon. Move around the battlefield and destroy enemy tanks. Avoid their shots. Game Name: Awesome Tanks 2
Impale 2

Shoot zombies to switch on the red lights. Use mouse to aim and shoot and to calculate the strong of your shot. Try to use the fewest amount of shots as possible and avoid let the lights fall. Game Name: Impale 2

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