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Freedom Tower. The Invasion

Prevent humans from invading your land so they cannot steal your energy. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Hover over the balls of energy to collect them. Game Name: Freedom Tower. The Invasion
Kittīs Kingdom

The imperial dogs have attacked the kingdom of cats. Now you must defend your tower and try them out. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Shoot using the mouse. Collect lives, ammunition and other things you letting go when you shoot them. Game Name: Kittīs Kingdom
Zombies Vs Penguins 2. Arctic Armaggedon

This time the fight between penguins and zombiestakes places in the maya world. Destroy all zombies in each level. Use mouse to aim and click to shoot. Get bonus points by shooting them in the head. Game Name: ZVP2 Arctic Armaggedon
Zombies Vs Penguins

Destroy all zombies in each level. Use mouse to aim and click to shoot. Get bonus points by shooting them in the head. Hit the sushis to pump your score. Granpa zombie remembers the old days. So he wears armor to live another shoot. Game Name: Zombies Vs Penguins
Shooting Toddler

Shoot the target number of objects to clear the level. Missing three objects ends the game. Use mouse to shoot. Try to get as many objects as possible. Game Name: Shooting Toddler
Pocket Platoon

There are reports of an alien invasion. Fight against the enemies with your platoon. Use mouse to move and hold left button to shoot. Equip your weapons. Shoot at fences to open holes and advance. Defeat the invaders. Game Name: Pocket Platoon

Pop the red balloons in each level before they leave sight. Use the cannon to shoot. Aim with the mouse and calculate the intensity of the shot. Shoot the different objects to make them move, break or taking any action that will be useful for you. Game Name: Kaboomz
Defend your Nuts

Click and hold to aim the blow. A fully charged bow shoots further. Upgrade the bow to shoot more arrows. Monsters can drop money and ammo. Pick them up by simply moving the cursor over them. Get score to upgrade you weapon. Game Name: Defend your Nuts
Demon Destroyer

Drag and aim the tadpole from the pentagram. And throw the demon from the platform. Dropping demons award points. Shooting tadpoles costs points. Reach target to proceed. You donīt have to drop all the demons to complete the level. Game Name: Demon Destroyer
Death Vs Monstars 2

Use your mouse to move around the battlefield and hold left mouse button to strafe. Donīt collide with enemies or bullets. Collect money. Game Name: Death Vs Monstars 2

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