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Fluffy Steel
Mooo Twooo! Gene ...


Single player 2d shooter game with two modes: \'Team Deathmatch\' and \'Capture the Nuke\'. Nice, fun and addictive game.
The Walking Stick

The walking sticks are everywhere and they\'re endangering your security. You have to defence the fence and try to upgrade it to a wall. You have limited ammo but you can buy it with your earnings. Don\'t waste it if you want to survive. Use your mouse to aim. Click to shoot. TIP: Don\'t waste your money.
Zombie Balloon Heads

Stick figures fight zombies too! Fill zombie skulls with ink until they explodes. Find more ink, make a bigger gun, and keep on keeping on! WASD to move; mouse to aim and fire.
Tank 2008

The War of the Tanks has been raging for centuries. Few places have been left untouched by this conflict. You are what\'s left of a once great civilization and it\'s up to you to finally settle this war by taking on the remaining rebels and crushing them. You\'ve been given the most technologically advanced tank available, but that may still not be enough to win the war. Good luck soldier, the fate of the galaxy lays in your hands. Right click : Fire \'W\' : Move up \'A\' : Move left \'S\' : Move down \'D\' : Move right
Winter Tank Strike

Driving a tank isn\'t easy when the conditions are good and its even harder in the snow and the ice. You will find out just how hard it is when you play the Winter Tank Strike game. You need to race your tank fast but also shoot the enemies. It won\'t be easy to keep control of your tank in the snow so good luck. Arrow keys to drive. Press the W key to move your cannon up. Press the S key to move your cannon down and press the D key to shoot.
Tek Tactical

Its time to fight. Join the Tek Tactical battle and prepare to use all of your best shooting skills and see if you can survive the fight. You have different missions that you need to complete as you try to shoot all of the bad guys. Step into the battle and start shooting. Arrow keys to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.

Join the Renegades in their battle. In this defense strategy game you will need to outwit your enemy if you plan on surviving. After completing your missions you can make upgrades to your troops so you can help fight off the zombies. Keep your gear upgraded to full power and kill the zombies before they destroy your town. Use your mouse to play.
Shoot the Skull Sniper

Grab your sniper rifle and prepare to shoot in the Shoot the Skull Sniper game. You will need to have a very fast trigger finger and some good aim if you want to advance to the tougher levels. Shoot as many skulls as you can before the game ends. Zoom in with your sniper scope so you can hit your target. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Dust and Sun 2

Dust and Sun 2 is here and as you get into the follow up to the popular stickman shooting game you will see what kind of challenge you are in for. Use your best shooting skills to kill the bad guys before your game ends. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Armed Defender

Your are in a battle for your life in the Armed Defender shooting game. You must stop the enemy using all of your weapons and best shooting skills. Protect your base and defend it against the attack. As you fight your way through the Armed Defender game make sure you collect supplies that will help you survive. Mouse to aim and shoot.

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