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Guardian Rock
The Champions 3D
Oh Snow!

Trollface Defense

Keep the Memes away in Trollface Defense, defending the barricades from everybody who wants to rescue Forever Alone guy from the Troll. He has taken the lonely meme as a hostage and wonít let him go, shooting with guns anyone that comes close to his strategically positioned barrier, only because he thinks itís funny.
Ruthless Pandas

Pandas are considered pacific and tranquil creatures, and in the planet Panda they really were, except for one, a prisoner who now may become the hero. They never accepted his way of dealing with things, a ruthless behavior that now is needed to beat the teddy bears, their main enemies that destroyed the pacific terms that lasted centuries.
Minions Shooter

Become a professional shooter by building a pistol from the scratch and then shooting at Minions, those cool yellow creatures that suffer in action games. Maybe not everyone will be fond of aiming at them with a fire-gun, but thatís the only choice for those willing to practice the shooting skills.
Gun Zombie Gun 2

City construction site is overrun by nasty zombie-workers! Clumsy brain-chewing goofs roam around, scaring builders and annoying pigeons. It is up to a fearless cowboy, skilled in the art of brain teasing skirmishes, to stop this odd outrageous mayhem. Use Mouse to play.
Silent Killer Special Forces

The game Silent Killer Special Forces we are about to present to you this time, has really something pretty different to offer to each player, not only in terms of the game playing goal, but also in the terms of the original graphic style that is used for this game to make it as better as possible.
Shoot n Shout

Shoot N Shout is a physics puzzle game. Use your gun and your bazooka to defeat all the enemies and save the world! Strange aliens have invaded our planet and you are the only one who can save the earth. Simply aim with your mouse and click to shoot, and don\'t forget to shout! Pick up your gun and your bazooka to eliminate all the enemies and save the world in this shooting physic game. Simply aim with your mouse and click to shoot, and don\'t forget to shout!

This is a point and click horror - puzzler game combined with some action elements. When you see a enemy creature thingie, you need to shoot it three times to kill it. If in doubt, go through the in-game instructions. Use the mouse.
Battle Force

In this flash side scrolling game, you have to play the role of a military officer. You must complete all the missions in this battle. Jump over the obstacles to reach the other end. You must shoot down all the enemies. Collect items which will help you for upgrades. Your enemies have set many traps for you. Use your powerful weapons to kill them. Use WASD to move. Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Rapid Gun 3

Your combat skills as the first person shooter. You have to counter strike to reply their attack as a brave soldier. You must use your weapons smartly. Shoot the enemies and kill them from your gun in this flash game. You must survive till the end of the game. You must make your military squad proud! Use arrow keys to move. Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Specialist Shooter

You are playing the role of an army sniper. You have to show some action in this flash game. You must kill all the terrorists hiding in this area. Make sure that you do not waste many bullets. You must reload your gun whenever required. Use the scope option for a better view. Use mouse skills to aim and shoot. Use R to reload. Use space to use scope.

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