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Anbot 2
Ultimate Force 3
Spike. A Love St ...
Little Wheel

Jack MacQwerty

Jack Macqwerty’s name is no mistake or accident, as this shooting game is about firing this cowboy’s gun by typing words in the keyboard. Instead of clicking rapidly, tap the keys to write exactly the name of each enemy approaching, as well as Reload for whenever the weapon runs out of bullets. Type your bonus name to active it : “SHIELD” to protect yourself with barrels\" (Appears when you shoot a bandit out of his horse), “HYDROMEL” to recover your life (Appears after each wave of ennemies). Don’t shoot innocents or you will lose a life and 50$ !
Angry Birds Crazy Shooter

Angry Birds Crazy Shooter is a bubble shooting game that replaces the colored balls with colorful characters, which should be matched according to colors. However, lives are limited and not combining result in losing one of them, until the row descends with even more bubbles. Blow them all, knowing some are effective to more than a single color.
Death Arena Reality Show

Fight powerful heroes and waves of minions on your tv show to entertain your viewers in this comedic bullet hell game! Upgrade your skills and learn new abilities as you go along with the program! Mouse or arrows for movement. Q, W, E and R abilities.
Strike Force Heroes 3

Shoot your way through dozens of missions and a variety of game modes as you build up your own custom squad - and if you\'re tough enough, challenge your friends to beat your team using the new \"Squad Code\". WASD/Arrows - Move R/Right Click - Reload Q/Shift - Switch Weapons E/Ctrl - Killstreak Mouse - Aim and Shoot
Space Explosions

Place your explosives on the correct spots to demolish all space buildings!

Defend your kingdom from the hordes of orcs, knights and skeletons. Buy upgrades and unlock talents that will help you to defeat your enemies. Mouse: Aim; Keys 1-4: Use Spells; P: Pause Game.
Dora Alien Shooting

Protect planet Earth with Dora, shooting at aliens that thought they could invade a world with a brave adventurer and explorer such as she. With simple clicks, she can blow up them and their spaceships, one after another, without any complications. Only don’t let they get through her, or else she might lose sight of them.
Space Flash Arena 2

Space Flash Arena 2 continues the journey in outer space, shooting down spaceships owned by other nations until receiving a confirmation of the kill. They aren’t interested in attacking planets, as they can become their colonies and a good source of resources. Instead, their targets are essentially guardians such as the protagonist.
Killing Team 2

Shoot terrorists and reload the gun before the weapon runs out of bullets and ammo, your job when participating of Killing Team 2, to clean the streets. Innocent people are afraid of going out with men carrying heavy weapons and shooting for no reason in these abandoned cities, but they shan’t be no more.
Sheriff Wannabe

Shoot the future sheriff with a cannon to collect the stars, for right now he is only a wannabe who wants to be an authority. He has no power over the people living in this village of the Wild West yet, nor with the bandits that once in a while appear to rob the bars and distracted people. Whoever, today it might change.

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