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Future Buddy
Crazy Over Goo

Copa America 2015

Choose a team and not only cheer but take part in the penalty shooting of Copa America 2015, scoring goals to win every single match. No running is necessary, only aiming, choosing the direction and finally how strong the kick should be to place the ball inside the goal line and far from the goalkeeper.
Tennis Star

Become a tennis star, winning one tournament after another and classifying to the Nationals, perhaps to the Olympic games themselves. Simply serve the ball and hit the ball after taking a perfect angle for aiming, until the opponent loses the track and isnít able to return it to your field.

The longer this rugby player can run and dodge the obstacles and opponents from the other team in the field, the richer the athlete becomes. Itís obvious that in a violent sport a skilled player deserves a good salary, so run with the ball for as long as possible without being caught or, which is worse, broken.
India vs England Cricket Mania

Choose between playing with India or England in the Cricket Mania Unleashed championship, scoring as one of the two most important positions in the sport. The whole nation is cheering and hoping that the results will be enough to classify them to the World Cup, but thatís up to you, athlete!
Mario Skiing Stars

The Mario brothers are the skiing stars of this winter sports game. Choose the red plumber or his brother Luigi and rush down the snowy hills. With their skis, itís up to them to collect the famous golden coins even faster than when they are simply running on foot during their adventures.
Basket Champ

Become a basket champ, or basketball champion for those who doesnít like to save words, after shooting the ball several times and scoring. This gym usually has more than enough obstacles left by other athletes along the way, so make sure to avoid them when trying to aim to the basket.
Baseball Blast

Try to hit the balls over the fence to score some big points in this fun aiming and swinging sports game. Use Mouse to interact.
Juve Vs. BarÁa

Champions league2015 final, Juve vs. Barca. Hold SPACE when shooting and force a bicycle kick. If you score you don\'t lose a turn and get to shoot again.
Messi\'s Pumpkin

You score points by scoring goals or hitting the big pumpkin when he runs byKnock the big pumpkin into the goal for most points. Move Messi with mouse left mouse click to take a shot.
Kill The Keeper

Everyone wants to play soccer as it is a very interesting sport. You can also try your striking skills in this game of football. Score goals for your tem by kicking the ball at the perfect time. Avoid the penalty situation. In this flash game, you have to kick the ball at the right time. Kill the keeper by your powerful shots! Use mouse to play this game.

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