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Mad Bombs 2
Romanius 2
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Koala Play

Gem Golf 2

Gem Golf 2 is the perfect way to make a luxurious girl want to play the sport, aiming the ball not only towards the hole, but according to the jewels. Thatís right, along the way there arenít only obstacles but also valuable crystals and gems that can be collected only with the ball hitting them.
Handball World Cup 2015

Control the keeper of the goal and then the attacking player to score goals in the Handballís World Cup with any countryís official team. Using hands instead of their feet, the players of this worldwide famous sport are willing to do whatever they can, using their best skills and aim, to win.
12 Yards Penalty Challenge

From a distance of 12 yards, disguise the goalkeeper and score a goal in the 2014ís penalty challenge during the World Cup. Itís happening in Brazil, frozen in time no matter in what year you are playing, only so you would have the chance of granting any team the title by scoring more goals than them.
Freekick Mania

Freekick Mania is a free penalty shootout game that challenges football players that love this way of playing soccer to score goals. Choose an athlete to kick towards the goalkeeper, but not falling into his hands or that would not count at all. Good luck winning the championship of only this kind of match.
Euro Champion 2015 Goal Rush

Play as the team Barca or Juve, Barcelona and Juventus respectively, to become the Euro champion of 2015, without moving the football players. Thatís right, although the rivals may move as they wish, they goal is to kick the ball in a turn-based action and not let them have the control of it not even once.
90 Seconds Basketball

As a professional basketball player, try to score the ball in the basket as many times as possible within the time limit of 90 seconds. The best thing of this sport game in a court is that the ball can be taken from anywhere and then tossed again, freely, without having to wait for another round.
Rafter Toad

The rafter toad loves rafting on the waters near his home, using the speed to catch flying insects and setting obstacles to overcome himself. Like in a raft race without any other competitors to lose to, his only goal is to perform greatly and show off his skills on the water, rather than only jumping around.
Monster Racer Rush 2

Monsters also race between themselves by foot, running to reach the finish line before the other creature with the exact same goal in the Monster Olympics. Athletes of the most different sizes, from skeletons to fat gluttons, choose your favorite and get on racing to become the ultimate monster racer.
BMX for Boys

Make stunts and tricks in this BMX challenge for boys chasing adrenaline and a skill show-off, using ramps and obstacles as part of the track. The bicycle is perfect for those who own the abilities necessary to have a good grade at this trial. This is a very competitive and hard sport, but itís never to late to learn.
Peppa Pool

Play the pool sport on a table decorated with the characters of the cartoon Peppa Pig, using the stick to score by sinking them. They are already old enough to understand the rules of such a complex and fun game, only lacking a human to join them and enjoy the best of it.

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