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Sportsball World Cup

A funny naked guy is the only player of his team in this World Cup, that is not limited to a sport although the field belongs to an American football match. Using his best balancing skills, he should make balls from football, basketball, tennis and many other sports fall on the other side of the goal, scoring for himself alone.

Pretending itís a normal thing to see a dinosaur riding a mono-cycle and wearing a gentlemanís hat, letís focus on making some amazing stunts. If itís already hard o two wheels, imagine with a BMX bike that has only one and with all the weight from this giant lizard pressing it to the ground while riding.
Jumping Long

The longer the athlete jumps on the sand, the higher the score and the possibility of conquering the golden medal for themselves and their country. However, although it may not seem from outside their mind, there is much calculation involved. Fortunately, everything can be slowed and separated by parts when it comes to games.

Play cricket, simply as hitting the balls without causing a Run, that is, sending it straight from where it came, not tossing far away. This is the National Championship, in the finals, although the previous matches arenít shown and the player starts already in the most challenging part of the tournament.
Endless Touchdown

Score as many touchdowns as possible without being tackled by any of the players from the other team of American football, from the little to gigantic ones. Thatís right, some will be absurdly big to make it more difficult, while others will be easier to fool as they have a standard movement.
Jet Ski Mario

Saving Peach didnít give Mario more than her gratitude, but fortunately the golden coins collected along the way made him rich. Now he spend his days not fixing pipes anymore, but rather rushing with his new jet ski on calm waters, making stunts on ramps so as to practice and become maybe a true athlete.
Boxing Live

Itís time to go live to the whole country and show them how good a boxer this athlete is, after years of hard training and sweat. Get to choose his appearance, sponsors, attributes and even who is going to be his opponent at the beginning of the championship. Letís turn him into the best boxer this world has ever known!
Skyline Soccer

Standing on the roof of tall skylines, these soccer players will not focus on kicking the ball towards any goal, but practice their pass to the others. They felt like this kind of training would help them much more than simply training in a field like everyone else does, some kind of advantage.
Skateboard City 2

Take the skateboard, go to the ramps and perform greatly in order to unblock the freestyle mode and other scenarios, separated for the professional skaters. This is the skateboard city, where boys and girls are both interested in performing greatly in this sport, perhaps to become a real pro someday.
Stick Basketball

Their legs are extra thin, as well as all their limbs, and the weight of their heads might be a problem sometimes, but the Stickmen still play basketball. Their body made of stick is not an obstacle for their determination, for those athletes want to become the best in their Stickman world when it comes to scoring on the court.

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