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Real Pool

Two players get 15 balls numbered 1 to 15 and divided into two groups. There are solids (numbers from 1 to 7) and stripes (numbers from 9 to 15) plus the black eight ball. As the game starts, the first player takes the breaking shot on the balls racked in triangular fashion. The breaking shot choose the group of balls. The ultimate goal of 8 ball pool is for each player to pot all balls from the assigned group of balls and then pot the eight ball.
Super Mario Heads Up

Bounce the soccer ball on Marioīs noggin and hit the character icons for points. Character have different point values. Mushrooms speed Mario up. Koopa Shells slow Mario Down. Use arrow keys to move Mario.
Ping Bomb

Be careful with bomb. If you miss a bomb you will be blown up. Hit the bomb on the right side of the paddle to make it go left and vice versa. Watch the bomb timer. If it runs out a bomb will be blown up. Try to blow it up at opponent side not yours. If you want more fun choose fast mode.

You have to surmount all the obstacles with your bike as soon as posible. Controls: Up, Down, to move forward, to move backward. Left, Right, to lean the bikerīs body. P, pause. You can choose the image quality and if you want the sound off.

The battle between the two best clubs in the world in 2007 is not over yet. Choose your club and play agaisnt the other. Use the arrows to move the players, X to pass the ball and C to shoot. Hint: Shoot from the distance.
Mountain Bike

Try to reach the exit without breaking your neck. In some levels you will need a key to open the exit. Use the arrows to move and space to flip direction. Press the action key Shift to jump, accelerate and to perform cool stunts.
Mani Golf

You are playing a strange golf championship within your anthill. In the different levels you will have to reach the hole, sometimes having to throw the ball to another level of the tunnel or having to cross hills and sand wells. Use the arrows to guide the ball direction. Once you have given direction to it press the space bar twice, first to calculate the power and second to throw the ball. You can choose between one and four players.
Soccer Skill

Help Diego Maradona to keep the ball in the air the more time as possible. Being Diego the one that does it, it canīt be difficult. The objective is to keep the ball in the air all the time as possible before it falls to the floor. Press with the mouse on the ball when it is falling to raise it again.
Golf at Home

Practice golf at home passing the different levels, one by each sector of your house. In each one, the living, the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, etc, you will have to skip obstacles to get the hole. The different floors will cause different effects in the ball, it may stop it or go faster.
Golf Tournament

Aiming the shoot. Click near the ball to unlock the pointer. Move the mouse to aim the pointer as desired, click again to lock the aim. Using the Swingmeter: It determines the power and the accuracy of the shoot. This involves a backswing and a downswing. Click and hold the mouse down to set power. When desired power is reached, release the mouse to begin the downswing. For a perfectly directed shot you have to stop the indicator when it reaches point B.

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