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Navigate the course to try to get a high score in the allotted time. The more tricks you pull, the better score will be. Keep your confidence level up in order to pull off special tricks. Use the arrow keys to pedal and change direction while airborne. Use the spacebar to jump. Use Z and X in combination with the arrow keys to perform various tricks.
Hard Court

A one to one basketball game each one in which both player use the same ring. Try to score points in the high hoop. You should also take care of your energy if you want to win the match. You can play against the computer or against another opponent. Use W, A, S and D to move and the space bar to steal the ball and shoot. Player 2 uses the arrows to move and to 0 to steal the ball and shoot.
Hot Blood Boxing

Fight in the ring against another rival commanded by a person or the computer. Try to knock the other boxer before he knocks you. Below the screen appears the energy from each boxer. The energy will descend each time you receive a blow. When one boxer energy is finished the other boxer will win the fight. Controls: Player 1: W, A, S, D, walk, B, N, M, attack, Space, defense. Player 2: arrows, walk, 1, 2, 3, attack, 0, defense.
Horseback riding

Do jumps on the fences with your horse. You are within a field full of fences distributed in different places. An arrow will indicate you which fence is the following to jump. Use the arrows to move and space bar to jump over the fences.
Hollywood Bash

Select between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Use A key to left hook, S to block and D to right hook. Use arrows to move your character. Conserve your energy. Your opponent will pounce if you´re fatigued. See how long you can last in the ring before the photo session ends. Score points for knocking your opponent out before the end of each round. Can you show up your arch nemesis infront of all the Hollywood photographers?.
Steeplechase Challenge

Your target is to win each of 10 races. Failing to win a race will end the game. You must jump every fence. If you mistime a jump then you will slow down. You will score up to 50 points per fence according to how well you jump it. Use the whip to boost your speed slightly, but use it carefully. In each successive race you will be able to use it one time less. You will score 20 points for every unused whip. You are the blue jockey on the nearside.

It´s the Cup final. Select your team. Your´re trailing by 6 points with only 3 minutes on the clock. Only a Try and a conversion will win. Player will run towards your mouse pointer automatically. Press space bar to pass the ball and mouse down to sprint. Gain points: fast time, dodging and barging. Lose points: Passing ball and running backwards.
One on One Soccer

Play this ultraspeed one on one soccer game. Drag mouse in direction you want your player to run. Click left mouse button to kick. While holding down mouse button, move the mouse to point tha ball in the direction you want it to go. Release button to kick. Balls: red, the fastball, yellow, low-gravity slowball, green, warpball, blue, goal grower, orange, goal shrinker, white, ultimate goalie.
Snowboard Girl

Use your mouse to move the girl from side to side. You get three energy beads. When all three energy beads are used up, the game ends. Avoid the rocks and tree stumps. Pick up flowers and stars, flowers give you 100 points, stars 200. Going off a jump ramp gives you 500 points. the game is over when you reach the finish line. Name: Snowboard Betty
Soccer 2007

Select the country that you want to represent and play against another country. You can play against computer or another player. Choose the keys on the keyboard to move your team. The default match time is 12 minutes by half but you can change it if you want, between the 2 and 20 minutes. The objetive of this soccer game is to reach the opponent goal with the ball as many times as you can. Game Name: Side Kick 2007

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