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4th and Goal 2015

Itís again that time of the year when the American football season begins and the athletes must be ready to take everything in order to win. Become one of them, not just any, but the main target of the opponents from the other team, running with the ball in hands to make a touchdown, maybe two.

Gregís creations are all willing to race against him on bikes, just like his Cyclomaniacs characters, on very difficult but entertaining lands. Pick one of the Gregs available to be chosen as the protagonist, unlocking those who arenít available by proving there are enough skills to control such bicyclers.
Snowmobile Rush

Take the sleigh and drive it across the lands covered by snow, over ramps and collect all the golden coins spread along the way. Rush against time and finish the track in the minimal time possible, using all the speed this vehicle can reach when going downhill or with a good push coming from the slide on a ramp.
Disco Bowling

Not everyone remembers bowling when it comes to practicing sports, but they certainly do when having fun with friends is at sight. Today the challenge is to beat everyone else in a disco house, where there are several different rooms, although all of them has the music playing to entertain its clients.
Peppa Pig Snowboard

Peppa love radical sports and finally is big enough to have the permission of her parents to practice snowboard on a small snowy hill. However, she must be really careful, for although it isnít possible to reach a high speed in this area, she might fall and provoke an accident if hitting anyone along the way.

Try to put the golf ball where it belongs, inside each of the many holes that come to exist one after another, only once the previous one is achieved. Thatís how the game Wonderputt, an intelligent field of mini-golf with many features and definitely as beautiful as one could ever be, works.
World Basketball Championship

Participate of the world basketball championship, slowly advancing through the phases of the tournament until reaching the finals and getting better. From a simple match on the court of a High School to the most important one in the country, increase the number of fans watching from the benches as the team goes through.
Champions League

The Champions League is, of course, limited to those who have proved their value in a series of matches inside the stadium, on the field. Their best players are the only ones who can be assigned, and the leaders will be taken to the front of the adversaryís goal with the sole purpose of scoring a goal with a penalty kick.
Stickman Dirtbike

This stickman spends his day-off riding his bike, from the early morning to the end of the afternoon, with some pauses. His favorite place is this hill range from where the sun can be seen during its best moments with a privileged view. However, he should not distract too much from the road or else he might suffer an accident.
Curve Ball

Bouncing from one side to another, this is a more modern version of the classic and first game ever named Pong, with a different angle now. Instead of taking a whole view from up above and seeing both sides, watch from the real perspective against the opponentís sight and try to score as many times as possible.

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