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Cross Golf

The entire course will take about 30 seconds. Click on the ball and hold the left button. Set the power of strike and the angle. When you are ready release the mouse button to shoot. Game Name: Cross Golf
Golf Jam

Select your player. Control the shot direction by moving your mouse. Keep an eye on the wind indicator and adjust your aim. Click to start the power and click again to stop it at the desired level. Game Name: Golf Jam

We invite you to enjoy this amazing version of golf where every hole is placed in an incredible space, holes created by missiles, submarines, grass eaten by cows, waterfalls, buildings, ancient ruins and more. Use the mouse to aim your shot and to calculate the power. Game Name: Wonderputt

Use up arrow to throttle, down arrow to brake, left and right arrow to lean, up an right arrows to climb steep hills, up and left arrows to gain extra speed. Hold down Z, X, C, V or B while airborne to do tricks. Game Name: Motomouse
Public Viewing

Run in the stadium totally naked with a crowd of people and TV cameras watching at you. Use arrow keys to jump and run. Collect items to raise score and to extra time and to do the heliman. Press down arrow when you stand behind the chickens to ride them. While you are riding a chicken or doing the heliman all the item points will be multiplied by 2. Game Name: Public Viewing
Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping

Use the Speed-o-meter to launch as fast as posible. Try to click in the exact moment the needle is into the max speed area (marked in red) to launch at maximum speed. Avoid hitting the street and try to land over the vehicles in order to lose as less speed as possible. Click to do a bike slam. Hit more vehicles at a time and gain some extra money and momentum. Each bike slam will consume an entire fuel stage from the fuel bar. In order to gain some fuel fast, do some flips by holding the spacebar. Try to avoid hitting the ground while doing a flip as you will lose much momentum. Whenever you hit a helium truck you will get 3 rockets. Click each time one is empty to activate the next one. Game Name: Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping
Mini Golf

Move your mouse around your character to aim. Move the mouse away from the character to gain power (notice the power bar below your character). Mouse click to hit the ball. Your score can only be added to the best score list if you are playing in single player mode and if you have logged into site. If your character ever blocks your view of the ball, you can hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to temporarily make your character invisible. Scroll the map using your arrow keys. Game Name: Mini Golf
The Chestnut Horse

Run in your horse in this country road jumping over all obstacles. You will have to jump fences, pools, rocks and other objects. Use the arrow keys to run, slow down and move in the road. Jump with the spacebar. Try to complete the circuit hitting the fewest objects as possible. Game Name: The Chestnut Horse
Pixel City Skater

Go through the 59 levels by the city with your pixelated skate. Click the mouse button or any key to jump. Avoid crash into walls, falling into wells or hitting in any edge. Game Name: Pixel City Skater
Polar Bear Snowboard

Use arrows to move left or right, space or up arrow to jump. Collect apples, fishes and stars to collect bonus and hearts to get additional lives. Avoid dangerous things. Press Z, X to make stunt actions, left and right arrows to perform 360 flip while on air. Game Name: Polar Bear Snowboard

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