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Ricochet Kills 2 ...

Redneck Olympics

Try to be the champion in all Redneck Olympics events. In car crushing get to the finish line as quickly as possible for bonus time points. Collect any stars, crush the cars and flip of jumps. In hog toss just grab the poor little hog using your mouse. In pumpkin shoot you have 30 seconds to blast as many pumpkins as you can. Game Name: Redneck Olympics
Shootout Challenge

Target an area of the goal. Choose what type pf kick you want. Click on the accuracy bar to score. Guarding Instructions: The goal area will be highlighted randomly. Your objective is to click on the highlighted area to predict the shooters kick. Game Name: 2002 World Cup Korea Japan Shootout Challenge
Air Hockey World Cup

Use the mouse to move the mallet and lead the pointer in the direction you want to hit the puck. The faster the pointer moves, the more powerful the hit will be and the puck will have more speed. In arcade mode the goal of the game is to destroy all the opponentīs cubes in the less time. In the World mode the goal is to enter the opponentīs goal more times than your opponent. Game Name: Air Hockey World Cup
Micro Sports

Read the brief instructions and complete each mini-task before the time runs out. This game mostly uses the mouse, but sometimes you will be asked to use the arrow keys, so stay on your toes. For every level failed or uncompleted you will incur a 30 second penalty. You will receive a -10 second bonus for every life remaining at the end of the game. Game Name: Micro Sports
Polly Pocket Soccer Game

Pick a friend to be the goalie. Thatīs who you will ply against. Pick a level: easy, medium, or hard. Click on the net where you want the ball to go. To win, score 3 goals out of 5 chances. Game Name: Fútbol Femenino
Extreme Air Jockey Challenge

Play in this realistic air hockey emulator. Select your country and then your opponent. Hit the ball with all your strength and try to enter it on the opponent scoreboard. You can not touch it once it passes the middle of the playing area. Anticipate your opponentīs moves and try to block them. Game Name: Extreme Air Jockey Challenge
The Dominator Cup

Tear down the ranks and beat the best to win the ultimate Cricket Championship. Hit spacebar to start the bowling. Use arrows to take your shot in the corresponding direction. Hit the arrow keys once the ball reaches the red circle. Win the match to unlock new teams to play against. Game Name: The Dominator Cup
Base Jumping

Become king of extreme sports. Press space bar to jump after the signal. Press space bar to open the parachute. Remember to touch the ground within four seconds. You have only four seconds to make a safe landing. Game Name: Base Jumping
The Lancer: Legend of the Jouster

Defeat the king champion and win the lance. Click the mouse as fast as you can to speed up. Aim with your mouse. Avoid his horse and shield. Master your equipment to make it more powerful. Buy better equipment in the shop. Game Name: The Lancer: Legend of the Jouster
Bogan Surf

Use left and right to control rider. Jump and ride over the waves without crashing. Hold space bar to turn faster. Game Name: Bogan Surf

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