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Basket Balls. Level Pack

The aim of the game is to score in every basket. You also have to hit every ref. You can use any size of ball. Use as few shots as possible to get a gold score. Game Name: Basket Balls. Level Pack
Bike Zone 2

Use arrow keys to ride over all the obstacles on a level without crashing your bike. Use up arrow to speed up, left and right arrows to tilt and down arrow to brake. Game Name: Bike Zone 2
Basketball Dare

Press left mouse button on the ball to set power and angle. Drag mouse pointer to a direction, the arrow will show you the amount of power and angle. Release mouse to throw the ball in desired direction. If you clear a level in one shot, 1000 bonus will be added to total score. If you take more than one shot to clear a level no bonus will be calculated and 200 points will be deducted or each missed shot. So try to take less shots to complete the 35 challenges. Game Name: Basketball Dare
Bestial Basket

Click with the left mouse button on the screen to set the direction. While pressing the button drag to choose the power of the launch. Release the button to throw the ball. Game Name: Bestial Basket
Perfect Hoopz

The objective is to make 3 hoopz to pass a level. Press and drag mouse to set direction and power. Release mouse to throw. Press spacebar to cancel direction and power. Game Name: Perfect Hoopz
Ducklife 4

In this game you have to perform different competitions with the ducklings as sprinting. Feed the ducks to give them energy and try to win each of the competencies. Game Name: Ducklife 4
Dora 8 Disc Pool

With the help of mouse aim the cue (stick) towards the discs. Hold the mouse to raise the power to hit the discs and pocket them into the holes. Pocketing the discs makes you gain more points. Reach the target points within the time limit to move on to successive levels. Use mouse to interact. Game Name: Dora 8 Disc Pool
Extreme Heli Boarding

Use up arrow to go forward, down arrow to slow down, left and right arrows to lean left and right, spacebar to jump. Avoid logs and other obstacles. Collect extra time and bonus points. Score points by performing aerial flips. Game Name: Extreme Heli Boarding
Stunt Mountain

Complete the mountain circuit without crashing your motorcycle. Make tricks on the air and collect coins to get score. Use up and down arrow keys to go forward or backward and left and right arrow keys to lean your motorcycle. Press spacebar to change your direction. Try to reach the end of each level before time run out. Game Name: Stunt Mountain
Hop The Gap

Use your mouse to tell the man the power and angle you wish him to jump with. He is quite well behaved. You might be called on to jump over other things besides gaps. Red flag represents victory. This game judges you at the end of each stage with stats on how you performed. Game Name: Hop The Gap

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