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Gun Blood
Sugar Sugar 2
Oh Snow!

Billiard Blitz Hustle

Move mouse to aim. Click anywhere and drag back to set power. Release mouse button to shoot. Try to put the balls in the holes in the practice mode. Practice and then play tournaments. Game Name: Billiard Blitz Hustle
Soccer Balls 2

Kick over refs and score goals. Hit switches to activate things and pass the ball to other players. Use any ball to score. Collect golden balls. You have a limited amount of kicks to complete each level. Game Name: Soccer Balls 2
Accurate Slapshots Level Pack

The faster you score, the more stars you will get. Score in no more than 3 shots to get a medal. Hold on mouse button on the puck, move to aim and release to shoot. If missed click anywhere to take another shot. Game Name: Accurate Slapshots Level Pack
Turbo Golf

Select the drivers, irons and putters, the shoes, hats and balls and start the game. Collect coins to buy upgrades. Use powerups to give you an advantage. Buy upgrades in the shop. Game Name: Turbo Golf
Skate Mania

Move around the city with your skate. Use up arrow to go forward, down arrow to reverse, right arrow to balance right and left arrow to balance left, press space bar to jump. Game Name: Skate Mania
Billiard Blitz Pool Skool

Click and drag to aim. Click arrows for fine adjustments. Click in red circle or press space to strike cue ball. You can adjust the power before taking your shot. Using more power will make your aiming lines longer. Softer shots can help you to position the cue ball more precisely and avoid scratches (potting the cue ball). Game Name: Billiard Blitz Pool Skool
Accurate Slapshots

The faster you score, the more stars you get. Score in no more than 3 shots and get a medal. Hold on mouse button on the puck, move to aim and release to shoot. Use objects, protruding from the ice. If missed click anywhere to take the next shot. Tires are very resilient. Game Name: Accurate Slapshots
Flick Headers Euro 2012

A nice and simple game. Select your team. Use arrow keys or mouse to move. Press space or mouse click to jump. Head the ball over the net and score. Game Name: Flick Headers Euro 2012
Dolphin Olympics 2

Use up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to roll, left and right arrows to turn and flip while airborne. Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes. Land nose first for a nice entry bonus. Perform tricks to get more score. Game Name: Dolphin Olympics 2
Rex Racer

Use up and down arrows to move forwards and backwards, left and right arrows to tilt backwards and forwards. Collect the dinosaur eggs. Game Name: Rex Racer

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